USB4 Gen3 USB Type-C to USB Type-C,EPR(240W),5A,1M,PD3.1

Lintes Technology Co., Ltd.

USB Certification Details

Device Name Model Company Version
USB4 Gen3 USB Type-C to USB Type-C,EPR(240W),5A,1M,PD3.1CPC100-EF7Lintes Technology Co., Ltd.

Product Timeline

Product Created2022-01-21
Revision Created2022-01-21
Revision Timestamp2022-01-21
Product List Date2022-04-15
Device Display Date2022-04-15
Product Changed2022-05-18
Global Pass Date2022-05-18

Additional Details

Description Value
PD CapabilityPD 3.0
Product RevisionA00
Contact NameLintes RD
Contact Email📧 [email protected]