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Device Name Model Certification Type Certification Date
Avtex Television AV215TS Avtex/VIDAA Smart Range Television BT 2024-06-10
AV215TS Smart TV AV215TS, AV249TS, AV270TS, AV320TS, AV215TS Smart TV, Smart TV, TV User Guide 2023-10-25

Documents - avtex – av215ts,AV215TS
[pdf] Label
AV215TS Energy Rating Label avtex co uk product fiche |||
Avtex AV215TS 15 kWh/1000h 1080 px 1920 px 55 cm 22 ...
lang: score:60 filesize: 69.45 K page_count: 1 document date: 2023-11-22
[pdf] Decleration of Conformity
Carys Williams AV195TS Compliance Product Under PSTI reg 2023VIDAA avtex co uk |||
UK DECLARATION OF PSTI CONFORMITY Product Security and Telecommunicaons Infrastructure Security Requirements for Relevant Connectable Products Regulaons 2023 SI 2023/1007 PTSI Regulaons 2023 Product Name: Avtex Smart TV Model Number: AV195TS, AV215TS, AV249TS, AV270TS, AV320TS, AV390TS, V219...
lang:en score:41 filesize: 228.74 K page_count: 1 document date: 2024-04-10

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