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Porsche 911 Speaker 2.0 - WAP0501100PSPK

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Bluetooth Certifications

Device Name Model(s) Company Declaration ID Certification Date
Porsche 911 Speaker 2.0Porsche 911 Speaker 2.0, WAP0501100PSPK~Volkswagen AGD062595 (62595)2023-03-15
Porsche 911 Speaker 2.0Porsche 911 Speaker 2.0, WAP0501100PSPK~Volkswagen AGD062595 (62595)2023-03-15

References To This Certification

Device Name Company Model ID QID Certification Date
Porsche 911 Speaker 2.0 Volkswagen AG 2023-03-15

HANSONG(NANJING) TECHNOLOGY LTD , This is Hansong Bluetooth Module with QCC3031 and QCC3021 chipset. It support dual mode 5.1 versions Bluetooth module.

Reference Design Components
Component DescriptionQID
A/V Remote Control Profile
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Attribute Protocol130674
Audio Video Distribution Transport Protocol86101
Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol86101
Baseband Conformance
Generic A/V Distribution Profile
Generic Access Profile
Generic Attribute Profile130674
Hands-Free Profile
Headset Profile
Interoperability Test Specification
Link Manager
Logical Link Control and Adaption Protocol130674
Low Energy Link Layer
Low Energy RF PHY
Product Type
Security Manager Protocol
Service Discovery Protocol130674
Summary ICS

Product NameCompany NameProduct TypeQID
QCC302x/3x, QCC512x Bluetooth Controller Component (BT 5.1)Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. (QTIL)Component (Tested)131175
QCC302x/3x, QCC512x ADK 6.x (BT5.1)Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. (QTIL)Component (Tested)130674
QTIL Bluetooth Developers ADK A/V protocolsQualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. (QTIL)Component (Tested)86101

Products Using this Certification

Model ID Device Name Company
WAP0501100PSPK Porsche 911 Speaker 2.0 Volkswagen Ag
Certification Date2023-03-15
Product CategoryAudio and Visual
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