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Ceiling mounted multisensor, white -

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Device Name Model Certification Type Certification Date
O3 HUB O3-HUB-00 Ceiling mounted multisensor, white BT 2024-05-15

Documents - delta controls – o3 hub 00,o3-hub-00,O3-HUB-00
[pdf] Installation Guide Guide Application Guide
O3 Hub Application Guide Delta Controls Inc Object Instance Numbers for Speaker Bluetooth and Sets the speaker volume in range 0 10 Default value is Off MV30s006   Setting Up Name Transmit Power MIC support deltacontrols foswiki pub tahoe products Categories Product Data Installation Guides
O3 Hub Application Guide Edition 1.0 2021 Delta Controls Inc. All rights reserved. No part of thi ... lta Controls O3DIN integrated room controller. These instructions apply to the following models: l O3 HUB 00 formerly O3-HUB l O3-HUB-02 formerly O3-HUB-2xP l O3-HUB-02-E8 formerly O3-HUB-En868-...
lang:en score:32 filesize: 1.2 M page_count: 50 document date: 2021-04-23
[pdf] Accessories Catalog
O3 Hub Catalog Sheet Delta Controls Inc deltacontrols oft erm 23t 45 46 ofte 39 ofter oftermo234 5678 energy management equipment accessory 74fk ofterom234e567e8et9634567 er2 off term |||
O3 Hub O3-HUB Sensor Hub Description The ceiling-mounted O3 Hub multisensor is part of the O3-DIN r ... ts, Modbus RTU, NFC 2 network ports, 2 Ethernet ports, 1 power output, Modbus RTU, NFC Sensor Hubs O3 HUB 00 O3-HUB-02 O3-HUB-02-E8 O3-HUB-02-E9 Multisensor temperature, humidity, light, motion, Bl...
lang:en score:31 filesize: 771.64 K page_count: 3 document date: 2021-05-12

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