- Level 1 - NP: Non-Prescribed

Certifications & Resources

Device Name Model Certification Type Certification Date
EP71-56GYA EP71-56GYA ERAC 2022-11-24
ERAC Certification Details
DescriptionAir Purifier
Inputs220-240V~, 50-60Hz or 50/60Hz, 42W Class II
Equipment ClassLevel 1 - NP: Non-Prescribed
Expiry Date2027-11-24

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[pdf] User Manual
Elysian PureA9 2 IFU 20211129 目次 elysian purea9 um electrolux co jp globalassets appliances manuals manual |||
A9.2 ... # NN LH 163 1 : 18# 7 1 : . EP71 56GYA PNC 956006683 018-190332 100V 50/60Hz 43W S-NO. 61600001 Made In China 8FC XXXFMFDUS...
lang:es score:86 filesize: 2.54 M page_count: 16 document date: 2021-11-29
[pdf] User Manual Instructions Dimension Guide Guide
Model Dimensions Electrolux JP Laundry Range The right amount of care ULITMATE Dimension Guide HOME Air purifier EP71 56GYA Please note! to be used as a guide only All customers ep71 56gya dim electrolux co jp globalassets appliances |||
ULITMATEHOME LauDnidmreynsion Guide RanAgir-epurifier The right amount Model: of careEP71 56GYA Dimensions Product mm width 315 height 590 depth 315 590mm 315mm Please note Dimensions to be used as a guide only. All customers MUST refer to the user manual supplied with the product for detai...
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