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EnergyStar Certifications

ENERGY STAR Certified Central Air Conditioners and Air-Source Heat Pumps

Device Name Model Number Company Certification Date
CAC - Split System2023-03-16
Certification Description
 Certified models meet all ENERGY STAR requirements as listed in the Version 6.1 ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Central Air Conditioners and Air-Source Heat Pumps that are effective as of January 1, 2023. A detailed listing of key efficiency criteria are available at https://www.energystar.gov/products/heating_cooling/heat_pumps_air_source/key_product_criteria
Descriptor Details
Partner NameCarrier Corporation
Updated On2023-03-23
Last Update2023-03-24
Manufacturer TypeSystem Manufacturer
Series Name15 SEER2 AC
Outdoor Unit Brand NameSMART COMFORT
Outdoor Unit Model NumberR4A5S18*K*WAA*
Indoor Unit Model NumberEVD4X25M14A*
Furnace Model Number*80ES(N,L)0701412A*
Cold ClimateNA
Meets Peak Cooling RequirementsYes
SEER2 (Btu/Wh)16
EER2 (Btu/Wh)13
Cooling Capacity (Btu/h)17600
Compressor StagingSingle stage
Refrigerant TypeR-410A
Refrigerant with GWPR-410A (GWP:2088)
Connected CapableNo
Date Available on Market04/01/2022
Date Certified03/16/2023
MarketsUnited States, Canada
CB Model IdentifierES_1020846_R4A5S18*K*WAA*_03102023010754_1789346
AHRI Reference Number211670031
Tax Credit EligibleYes
Meets ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2023 CriteriaNo

ENERGY STAR Certified Products - Non-lighting

Device Name Model Number Company Certification Date
CAC - Split SystemR4A5S18*K*WAA*SMART COMFORT2023-03-16
Certification Description
 This data set contains a simplified list of all currently certified ENERGY STAR Non-lighting models with basic model information collected across all product categories including ENERGY STAR Unique IDs, ENERGY STAR partners, model names and numbers, and brand names. Learn more about ENERGY STAR products at www.energystar.gov/products. A full list of ENERGY STAR specifications can be found at www.energystar.gov/specifications.
Descriptor Details
Partner NameCarrier Corporation
Product CategoryCentral Air Conditioners and Air Source Heat Pumps
Model Name15 SEER2 AC
Updated On2023-03-23
Last Update2023-03-24
CB Model Identifier04/01/2022 12:00:00 AM

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