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Portable, thermal receipt printer with battery, for 58mm paper width -

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Device Name Model Certification Type Certification Date
GeBE-FLASH® GPT-4378 Portable, thermal receipt printer with battery, for 58mm paper width Bluetooth 2023-05-25
Bluetooth Certification Details
Marketing NameGeBE-FLASH®
DescriptionPortable, thermal receipt printer with battery, for 58mm paper width
Published Date2023-05-25
Modified Date2023-05-25
Submission Date2023-05-25

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[pdf] Instructions Borchure
471 SMAN E 437x V2 5 GeBE Elektronik und Feinwerktechnik GmbH Operating Instructions MiniPrint7000PrinterOperatingInstructions checkline res products 200419 |||
Easy-Load Desktop-Thermal Printer GPT 4378 /-4379 Elektronik und Feinwerktechnik GmbH GeBE-FLASH Modules and devices for input, analysis, display and printing of analog and digital data. RS232 Infrared USB Bluetooth Real Time Clock Magnetic Card Reader OPD-Menue Intelligent Power Managem...
lang:en score:90 filesize: 678.23 K page_count: 24 document date: 2019-08-05
TI GeBE FLASH GPT 437x 2014 stoltronic file Network Servers ms01 int gebe Volumes DatenRaid Benutzer Standards Footer jpg Technical data details 4378 for iOS 4379  handy thermal printer in robust plastic housing 58 mm paper width ideal log and receipt printout battery powered with Bluetooth® interface car charger printing from the app iPhone® gpt e wgrane pliki
GJMF7PMVNFT 7FSUSJFC1SPEVLUF F# 1SPKFJHFO#JMEFS 1SPEVLUF F# *NBHFT 1SPEVDUQY MBTI J04 F#F M GPT- ... Available interfaces Fonts Bar code MTBF Dimensions Weight Paper roll diameter Housing Environment GPT 4378 Easy paper loading GPT 4378 for iOS Easy paper loading Thermal direct print Thermal dire...
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