Wireless Charger"QI-FC10"black


- Power Class 0 Transmitter

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Device Name Model Certification Type Certification Date
Wireless Charger"QI-FC10"black 00081713 WPT 2022-12-01
WPT Certification Details
Device TypePower Class 0 Transmitter
Power ProfileBasic Power Profile
Transmitter DesignA11a
Specification Version1.2.4
00081713 QI-FC10 Wireless Charger 00081713, QI-FC10, Wireless Charger, QI-FC10 Wireless Charger, 00081713 Wireless Charger, 00081713 QI-FC10 Wireless Charger Instruction Manual 2022-05-31

Documents - hama – 00081713
[pdf] User Manual Instructions
00081713 Hama Wireless Charger QI FC10 10W Black manual 00081713man bg cs de el en es fi fr hu it nl pl pt ro ru sk sv tr uk hama webresources article documents 00081 man |||
Wireless Charger Kabelloses Ladegert 00 081713 QI-FC10 GB Operating Instructions D Bedienungsanl ... excepted, and subject to technical changes. Our general terms of delivery and payment are applied. 00081713/05.22 ...
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