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- Consumer Refrigeration Products

Model/Supplier Specific Specifications

EnergyStar Provided Specifications
Description Value
Product Program CategoryConsumer Refrigeration Products
CB Model IdentifierES 1118034 LRFES2503* 01172023020012 80155593
Meets ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2022No
EnergyStar Provided Specifications
Description Value
TypeBottom Freezer
Product Class5I - Refrigerator-freezers - automatic defrost with bottom-mounted freezer with an automatic icemaker without through-the-door ice service
Defrost TypeAutomatic
Thru the Door DispenserNo
Ice MakerYes
Counter DepthNo
Height (in)69.8
Width (in)32.8
Capacity (Total Volume) (ft3)25.1
Adjusted Volume (ft3)31.3
Annual Energy Use (kWh/yr)649
US Federal Standard (kWh/yr)678
Percent Less Energy Use than US Federal Standard5
Refrigerant TypeR-600a
Connected FunctionalityR-600a (GWP:3 | Lower GWP)
Connects UsingYes
Connected Functionality TestedWi-Fi
Communication Standard Application LayerYes
Direct on-premises Open-standard Based InterconnectionThinQ
Date Available On MarketYes
Date Certified01/20/2023
CB Model IdentifierUnited States, Canada
Meets ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021 CriteriaES 1118034 LRFES2503* 01172023020012 80155593

Certifications & Resources

Device Name Model Certification Type Certification Date
LRFES2503* LRFES2503* Energy Star 2023-01-20
Energy Star Certification Details
Certification Description
 This data set contains a simplified list of all currently certified ENERGY STAR Non-lighting models with basic model information collected across all product categories including ENERGY STAR Unique IDs, ENERGY STAR partners, model names and numbers, and brand names. Learn more about ENERGY STAR products at A full list of ENERGY STAR specifications can be found at
Descriptor Details
Partner NameLG Electronics, Inc.
Product CategoryConsumer Refrigeration Products
Model NameLRFES2503*
Updated On2023-03-31
Last Update2023-04-01
CB Model Identifier01/20/2023 12:00:00 AM
LRFES2503* LRFES2503* Canadian Energy Rating N/A
Canadian Energy Specifications
Annual Energy Consumption (kwh/year)649
Defrost MechanismAutomatic
Freezer LocationBottom
Total Volume (litres)710.8
Total Volume (ft)25.1
Size Category On Energuide Label12
Through The Door Ice ServiceNo
Auto Ice MakerYes
Refrigerator Volume (litres)478.6
Refrigerator Volume (ft)16.9
Freezer Volume (litres)232.2
Freezer Volume (ft)8.2"

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