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The Evolution of Intelligent Design®
Safety Precautions & Key Points:
Cabinet Ventilation must be provided. The inside temperature of the cabinet must not exceed 90°F / 32° C. Both vents & circulation fans must be installed in order for your induction range to operate properly. Failure to install proper ventilation automatically voids your warranty.
Actual range temperatures may vary due to a number of variables, such as ambient temperature in the immediate surrounding area, content & volume of food being heated or cooked, & whether or not you are using a lid on the serving vessel.
Never attempt to service any part of your MAX Induction® Range on your own. Contact our Service Department by calling (1) 630-527-8600. Attempting to service your Induction Range on your own, or through an unauthorized repair facility automatically voids your warranty. For service forms, visit the Spring USA website.
For Limited Warranty Information, visit
This equipment uses, generates and can radiate radio frequency energy. If not installed correctly and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Users or guests with Pacemakers should contact their health care professional prior to using this product.
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Installation & Operation Manual
Models: SM-251-2CR1 &
SM-253-2CR (International)

Before You Begin:


Read the following instructions in their entirety. Use proper cookware. Your cookware must be induction-ready.
Check your ventilation. Your MAX Induction® Range must have the proper ventilation in order to operate correctly. There must be at least 10" of space available under a mounted induction range. Cabinets housing the induction ranges should have both vents & circulation fans installed. The inside temperature of the cabinet must not exceed 90°F / 32° C.
Ensure that you have dedicated power to the installed location. Refer to the grid on Page 6 for Electrical Specifications.
Suitable Serving Ware:

Your MAX Induction® Range works with induction-ready serving vessels. Visit the Spring USA Website for a full line of induction-ready, professional serve ware.
Serving pieces must have a flat bottom, in order to make full contact with the countertop.
Serving pieces that are footed, or that have a raised ridge, are not for use on this system, as they cannot make full contact with the counter surface.
Vessels must have a diameter greater than 9".
Glass Cookware is not suited for use on your induction warming system.
Serving vessels must be centered on the induction warmer for optimal heating and performance.

Convertible Buffet Servers

Stainless Steel Multi-Ply Cookware

Aluminum Tray With Induction Disk

Carbon Steel

Aluminum Cookware with Induction Disc

Cast Iron

Filter Maintenance for Double MAX Induction®


Your MAX Induction® Double Induction Range is equipped with two grease filters in order to protect the electronics from contaminants.
Grease filters should be removed & inspected daily. To clean the filters, slide the filters out of the track on the bottom of the induction range. Wash thoroughly with mild liquid detergent. Shake remaining water out of the filter & let is stand until dry. Once completely dry, reinsert into the tracks of the induction range. Filters are not dishwasher safe, and must be washed by hand.
Once the filter becomes difficult to clean, or begins to show ware, replace with a new filter. Never operate the induction range without grease filters installed. New filters can be ordered by contacting Spring USA directly.

Induction Range Error Codes:

E0 E1 E2

Induction range does not sense induction-ready cookware has been placed on the glass surface Range has overheated due to blocked ventilation and has shut down the range.
The range has overheated.
Range will not turn on. Range is experiencing temporary voltage overload or is not on its own, dedicated circuit.

Place an induction ready pan on the range.
Clear vents, let range cool down, then restart. If error message continues, your range needs to be serviced.
Remove the cookware from the range and let the range cool. Make sure the vents are clear. Verify you are using induction-ready cookware. Once the range has cooled, restart.
Review your dedicated power requirements. Each range must operate with the power required on Page 6.


Double MAX Induction® Range (Countertop Use): 4 Mounting Your Induction Range:


Remove your MAX Induction® range from the packaging and inspect all parts. If the ceramic glass surface is cracked or damaged, do not install the range. Contact your supplier for a replacement range.
Removing the Control Panel: Your MAX Induction® Double Range can be used as a countertop unit, or can be built into a countertop. If you're using it as a countertop unit, the control box can be mounted in the center of the two ranges, or can be removed & placed on the left end of the induction range assembly.
To remove the control box assembly, turn the induction range on its side. Remove the two locking screws which connect the control box to the range. Pull down & remove the control box from the induction housing. The control box will be connected to the induction range by a cable. To remove the cable from the range, loosen the two thumb-screws & pull out the connector.
The control panel can now be connected to the side of the double induction range. Remove the small metal housing from the side of the range. This housing can be placed over the center opening to prevent dust & grease from corroding the connector. Screw the cable connector to the side connection. Tighten the screws, insert locking teeth into the mounting slots & mount two locking screws into the bottom of the induction range housing.

For a built-in applications, your counter or table thickness must not exceed 2". Your MAX Induction® Range must have the proper ventilation in order to operate correctly. There must be at least 10" of space available under a mounted induction range. Cabinets housing the induction range should have both vents & circulation fans installed. The inside temperature of the cabinet must not exceed 90°F / 32° C. To mount your MAX Induction® Double Range, you must first remove the control panel (refer to page 4 for instruction). Place the template of the induction range on the surface you are preparing for the install. Center the template, allowing a minimum of 4" of countertop space on each side of the induction range. The template measures 26.38" (670 mm) long x 13.39" (340 mm) wide. Once you insert the induction range into the cut out, the edge of the range will sit 0.5" (12.75 mm) above the surface of the countertop. Apply a thin bead of 100% rubber silicone sealant around the surface perimeter of the mounted induction range.
Control Panel adjusts 1/2" to 3/4" depending on the thickness of plywood.
Cabinet ventilation (vents & circulation fans) must be provided. Inside temperature of the cabinet must not exceed 90°F / 32°C.

Mounting of the Control Panel:


To install the control panel, use the template provided. Place the template on a plane or panel, perpendicular to the MAX Induction® Range, centering it to the range whenever possible.

The control panel cut out should measure 14-1/8" long x 5-1/8" wide. Place the control panel into cutout hole. Using the metal bracket provided, secure the control panel into place. The control panel is meant to adjust ½" x ¾" thickness, depending on the surface it is being mounted to. Connect the control box cable to the induction range.

Electrical Specifications:

Model # SM-251-2CR SM-253-2CR

Voltage / Amps
208-220 V 21.7 Amps
220-240 V 20.8 Amps

Peak Power
2500W x 2 50 ­ 60 Hz
2500W x 2 50 ­ 60 Hz

Plug Type
NEMA 6-30P 6' Cord
Plug & receptacle to be supplied by Customer ~ Spring USA will provide a wiring diagram. The cord must be correct, based on voltage & amperage per Country's Code requirements.

How To Operate:


Your MAX Induction® Range is designed to operate in two modes: "Cook" or "Temp".
"Cook" Mode offers you high-speed heating, used for omelet stations, pasta bars or demonstration cooking.
"Temp" Mode offers you thermostatically controlled holding temperatures for use with buffets or pastry work. The LED display allows for more accurate cooking.
In "Cook" Mode: An `E0' code will flash until suitable cookware is placed on the glass surface of the range. The LED panel will display a two-digit number indicating the power level. Power levels run from 1 thru 20. As a safety precaution, if no cookware is placed on the induction range plate after 2-1/2 minutes, the unit will shut off. Once suitable cookware has been placed on the glass induction plate, the unit will continue to cook until the range is manually shut down, or the mode is changed over to "Temp" mode.
Note: As a safety precaution, make sure you have at least 4" of space at the back of the Induction range. Induction ranges need ventilation to operate efficiently.
In "Temp" Mode: An `E0' code will flash until suitable cookware is placed on the glass surface of the range. The LED panel will display a three-digit number indicating the temperature setting. To increase the temperature setting, turn the dial clockwise. To decrease the setting, turn the dial to the counterclockwise. The induction range will continue to warm the food until the set temperature has been reached. Once the temperature has been reached, the range will maintain that pre-selected temperature setting. Temperature settings in "Temp" mode, in Fahrenheit are: 110°, 120°, 130°, 140°, 150°, 160°, 170°, 180°, 190°, 200°, 220°, 240°, 260°, 280°, 300°, 320°, 340°, 360°, 380° & 400°. Celsius: 43°, 49°, 54°, 60°, 66°, 71°, 77°, 82°, 88°, 93°, 104°, 116°, 127°, 138°, 149°, 160°, 171°, 182°, 193° & 204°.

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