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Migear International Group LLC SS-FTW600C Charging compartment 2AIDL-SS-FTW600C 2AIDLSSFTW600C ss ftw600c

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Migear International Group LLC
Agent Authorization
Company: Migear International Group LLC Address: 21 West 38th Street, 14th Floor. New York, 10018, United States Product Name: Charging compartment
Model Number(s): FTWI600, FTW600, TWS606, TWS600, TWS602, TWS350, FTW602, FTW606, SS-TWS146, SS-TWS220, SS-TWS115
Product Description: Charging compartment
We authorize MiCOM Labs Inc., 575 Boulder Court, Pleasanton, California 94566, USA, to act on our behalf on all matters concerning the certification of above named equipment.
We declare that MiCOM Labs Inc. is allowed to forward all information related to the approval and certification of equipment to the regulatory agencies as required and to discuss any issues concerning the approval application. Any and all acts carried out by MiCOM Labs on our behalf shall have the same effect as acts of our own.

Signature: Name: Title: Company:

David Betesh Manager Migear International Group LLC

Date: May. 23, 2023


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