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Covered Equipment Attestation

Westcom Wireless Inc. ATLASEXP ProCom 2AO37-ATLASEXP 2AO37ATLASEXP atlasexp

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Westcom Wireless Inc.
Covered Equipment Certification Attestation Letter
May 30, 2024
Nemko North America, Inc. 303 River Road Ottawa K1V 1H2 Canada
ATTN.: Reviewing Engineer
Westcom Wireless Inc. ("the applicant") certifies that the equipment for which authorization is sought is not "covered" equipment prohibited from receiving an equipment authorization pursuant to section 2.903 of the FCC rules.
Note: If the equipment for which the applicant seeks authorization is produced by any of the entities identified on the current Covered List, the applicant should include an explanation on why the equipment is not "covered" equipment.
Westcom Wireless Inc. ("the applicant") certifies that, as of the date of the filing of the application, the applicant is not identified on the Covered List as an entity producing "covered" equipment.
Signed: Printed name: Frank Dominick Girardi Title: President Company Name: Westcom Wireless Inc. Date: 5/30/2024


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