Baschin ets

62 L02 CoveredEqu 2.911(d)(5)(i) and (ii)

Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd. L021 2BFMQ-L021 2BFMQL021 l021

Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd. L021 Projector 2BFMQ-L021 2BFMQL021 l021

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Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd.

Federal Communications Commission Authorization and Evaluation Division Equipment Authorization Branch 7435 Oakland Mills Road Columbia, MD 21046


To whom it may concern: We, [Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd.], hereby certify that the equipment for which authorization is sought (FCC ID: [2BFMQ-L021]) is not "covered" equipment prohibited from receiving an equipment authorization pursuant to § 2.903 of the FCC rules. We also certify that, as of the date of the filing of the application, we are not identified on the Covered List ( as an entity producing "covered" equipment. By signing this form, we confirm the above and that we are aware of the application requirements listed under § 2.911(b) and (d)(5) and (6).
Signature [Name] Yuping Ding [Title] Chairman [Company] Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd.

62_[model] CoveredEqu_2.911(d)(5)(i) and (ii)-U, V02

The information provided in this letter is based on the referenced rule parts of Title 47 of the CFR as well as KDB 986446 D01.


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