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Windmill Palm Care Guide
Needs partial shade to thrive. Place your windmill palm where it will get 2-4 hours of direct sunlight per day.
When newly planted, windmill palms require a lot of water to grow a healthy root system. Water them every two to three days for the first three months, then just once a week from then on, except for summers. If the weather is consistently hot or dry, you may need to water twice a week. If kept indoors, windmill palms enjoy moderate humidity. Dry air will cause the tips of the leaflets to turn brown and crispy. Mist your palm regularly or use a room humidifier to add moisture to the air around it.
Can handle temperatures as low as 10°.
Windmill Palms respond well to a slow-release evergreen fertilizer two times a year during the growing season. Fertilize in spring before the new growth at the end of March and then again in the summer, at the end of June.
Non-toxic to humans and pets.
Except for watering, Windmill Palms are a low maintenance tree. They require no pruning, however, once a year the seed pods can be removed when they go brown. If so desired, you can remove dead or brown fronds.

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