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Golden Vessel Electronic & Lighting Inc GV-RGB RGB Remote Control 2ACO2-GV-RGB 2ACO2GVRGB gv rgb

Instruction Manual for Golden Vessel Electronic Lighting models including: TS-20WL24V Low-Voltage Adaptor, TS-20WL24V, Low-Voltage Adaptor, Voltage Adaptor, Adaptor

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1-speed up for all dynamic modes 2-speed down for all dynamic modes 3-power on 4-timer off 5-power off 6- timer setting for 4h 7- timer setting for 6h 8- timer setting for 8h
Color Select:
9-steady red color 10-steady green color 11-steady blue color 12-steady cool white color 13-steady yellow color 14-steady cyan color 15-steady purple color 16-steady rainbow colors
Motion Select:
m1-m4 cascading effects 17-m1 chase cascade- up/down 18-m2 trailing cascade- up/down 19-m3 stacking cascade- up/down 20-m4 fade in & out chase effect 21-m5 light stacking & building effect 22-m6 double chase effect 23-m7 two color chase 24-m8 cascading rainbow 25-26 rainbow colors only 25-fade: lights fade in synchronous mode 26-jump (7 color): lights jump in synchronous mode 27-asynchronous fade: fade between colors 28-asynchronous jump: jump between colors 29-auto run functions m1-m8 for each color combination and functions 25-28 30-32-diy: diy set up function combinations Auto: 12 motion effects changed automatically DIY- Step 1 press 1 of 3 DIY buttons. Step 2 press ON button 3 times, the lights will change to steady red. Step 3 select a "color select" option next choose a "motion select" option, press ON button to set color and motion selection. Step 4 press ON button 2 times or wait 2 minutes for DIY function to save.
a. TIMER - NOTE: The timer mode must be started each time the tree is plugged in, or each time power is turned off then back on to the tree. Page 6 of 7 · To enable the timer - Press TIMER button with desired time on hours(4hr,6hr,8hr). The timer will start at the time when this button is pressed. When timer is enabled the lights on the tree will flash once and remote LED will flash for several second and fade off to indicate the timer is enabled. · To disable the timer - Press TIMER Off button. The lights on the tree will flash GREEN once and the LED indicator on the remote will be on steady. NOTE: The timer will be enabled until either the timer is disabled with the remote or power is removed from the power adaptor.


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