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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. LBEE6XX1UR2 Communication module VPYLBEE6XX1UR2 VPYLBEE6XX1UR2 lbee6xx1ur2

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Federal Communications Commission Authorization and Evaluation Division 7435 Oakland Mills Road Columbia, MD 21046

Date: 2024-05-07

Subject: Module Approval request letter for FCC ID: VPYLBEE6XX1UR2

Modular Approval Requirement



(i) The radio elements of the modular transmitter

The EUT provides the RF

must have their own shielding. The physical crystal shielding.

and tuning capacitors may be located external to the

shielded radio elements.

(ii) The modular transmitter must have buffered

The module and data

modulation/data inputs (if such inputs are provided) to ensure that the module will comply with part 15 requirements under conditions of excessive data rates or over-modulation.

input(s) are buffered. The EUT has buffered data inputs, it is integrated in IC chip

(iii) The modular transmitter must have its own

The module has own

power supply regulation.

power supply regulation.

(iv) The modular transmitter must comply with the

The EUT meets the FCC

antenna and transmission system requirements of §§ 15.203, 15.204(b) and 15.204(c). The antenna must either be permanently attached or employ a ``unique'' antenna coupler (at all connections between the module and the antenna, including the cable). The ``professional installation'' provision of § 15.203 is not applicable to modules but can apply to limited

antenna requirements; unique antenna connector / permanently attached antenna. Please refer to photo of antenna are shown in the test report.


approvals under paragraph (b) of this section.

(v) The modular transmitter must be tested in a

The EUT was testes in a

stand-alone configuration

stand-alone configuration. Please see

section photographs of

test configuration in the

test report.

(vi) The modular transmitter must be equipped with Please see label

either a permanently affixed label or must be capable of electronically displaying its FCC identification number.

application document for the FCC ID of this module. And also in the exhibition User's manual,

there are instructions

gives to the OEM on how

to label the end product.

Modular Approval Requirement



(vii) The modular transmitter must comply with any

The EUT is

specific rules or operating requirements that ordinarily apply to a complete transmitter and the manufacturer must provide adequate instructions along with the module to explain any such requirements. A copy of these instructions must be included in the application for equipment authorization.

compliant with all applicable FCC rules. Details instructions for maintaining compliance are given in the User


(viii) The modular transmitter must comply with any

The EUT is comply

applicable RF exposure requirements in its final configuration.

with RF exposure requirement. RF exposure is

addressed in the

User Manual.

_________________________________ Kenji Hayashikoshi Senior Manager


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