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FCC E-Label Information
A. Images of the e-label screen are provided below:
B. Access to the required information on the e-label Users are able to access the information in no more than three steps in a device's menu. The actual steps are:
Settings > , then type Regulatory
No any special accessories, access codes, or SIM card are required to go through the above steps. C. Devices have physical labels at point of marketing/sale visible to the purchaser (or in the alternative, on the packaging), and at time of

importation? At the time of importation, marketing, and sale, the device will have the required physical label on the packaging, which will include the device's FCC ID. D. Electronic labeling information is programmed into the device by the manufacturer at the time of manufacture. Yes. E. Electronic labeling information not modifiable by any third party. The e-label of the device is programmed by the grantee and secured in such a manner that it cannot be modified by third parties. F. All the applicable regulatory information required on the packaging or user instructions is provided according to the rules. Applicable regulatory information not found in the e-label is contained in the user manual.


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