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Confidentiality Letter

Westcom Wireless Inc. ATLASEXP ProCom 2AO37-ATLASEXP 2AO37ATLASEXP atlasexp

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May 30, 2024
Nemko North America, Inc. 303 River Road Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1V 1H2

Westcom Wireless Inc.


Pursuant to Sections 0.457(d) and 0.459 of the Commission's Rules and FCC Guidance document 726920, we hereby request permanent confidential treatment of exhibits identified as such in the table below and request they are permanently withheld from public review based on the documents containing trade secrets and proprietary information not customarily released to the public. The public disclosure of this information might be harmful to the applicant and provide unjustified benefits to its competitors.

We also request short-term confidentiality on certain exhibits until the intended date of marketing as outlined below. We request the exhibits be withheld from public view for a period of 180 days. We attest marketing of the product will only commence after the period of short-term confidentiality expires, or if marketing is to commence before the requested number of days listed above, the grantee will inform Nemko to release the Short-Term Confidentiality information withheld on the FCC equipment authorization website.

Exhibit Block Diagrams External Photos Internal Photos Operation Description Parts List & Placement/BOM Tune-Up Procedure Schematic Diagrams Test Setup Photos User's Manual

Type of Confidentiality Requested

 Permanent ----------------- Permanent*

 Short Term  Short Term  Short Term

 Permanent  Permanent

 Short Term  Short Term

 Permanent  Permanent

 Short Term
 Short Term  Short Term


 Short Term

The asterisked items (*) require further information to be provided in this justification letter before permanent confidentiality will be extended to these exhibits. Please refer to FCC KDB 726920 D01 found at: and review section II, 3) regarding specific information that must accompany these requests.

Note: any documents held under the Short-Term confidentiality will automatically become public after the requested time if an appropriate extension request has not been received. Any exhibits (i.e., schematic diagrams) that may have already been requested to have "Permanent" confidentiality as shown above need not be repeated under Short-Term confidentiality request.


Signed: Printed name: Frank Dominick Girardi Title: President Company Name: Westcom Wireless Inc.


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