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Test Report-RF Exposure Info-V04 Controller


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According to 447498 D04 Interim General RF Exposure Guidance v01,
2.1.4 MPE-Based Exemption An alternative to the SAR-based exemption is provided in § 1.1307(b)(3)(i)(C), for a much wider frequency range, from 300 kHz to 100 GHz, applicable for separation distances greater or equal to /2, where  is the free-space operating wavelength in meters. The MPE-based test exemption condition is in terms of ERP, defined as the product of the maximum antenna gain and the delivered maximum time-averaged power.10 For this case, a RF source is an RF exempt device if its ERP (watts) is no more than a frequency-dependent value, as detailed tabular form in Appendix B. These limits have been derived based on the basic specifications on Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) considered for the FCC rules in § 1.1310(e)(1).
B.4 SAR-based Exemption SAR-based thresholds are derived based on frequency, power, and separation distance of the RF source. The formula defines the thresholds in general for either available maximum timeaveraged power or maximum time-averaged ERP, whichever is greater. If the ERP of a device is not easily determined, such as for a portable device with a small form factor, the applicant may use the available maximum time-averaged power exclusively if the device antenna or radiating structure does not exceed an electrical length of /4. As for devices with antennas of length greater than /4 where the gain is not well defined, but always less than that of a half-wave dipole (length /2), the available maximum time-averaged power generated by the device may be used in place of the maximum time-averaged ERP, where that value is not known. The separation distance is the smallest distance from any part of the antenna or radiating structure for all persons, during operation at the applicable ERP. In the case of mobile or portable devices, the separation distance is from the outer housing of the device where it is closest to the antenna. The SAR-based exemption formula of § 1.1307(b)(3)(i)(B), repeated here as Formula (B.2), applies for single fixed, mobile, and portable RF sources with available maximum time-averaged power or effective radiated power (ERP), whichever is greater, of less than or equal to the threshold Pth (mW). This method shall only be used at separation distances from 0.5 cm to 40 cm and at frequencies from 0.3 GHz to 6 GHz (inclusive). Pth is given by Formula (B.2).

and f is in GHz, d is the separation distance (cm), and ERP20cm is per Formula (B.1). The example values shown in Table B.2 are for illustration only.
-The maximum peak field strength is 93.75 dBuV/m, the ERP=93.75-97.4= -3.65 dBm=0.43 mW1 mW. - When the minimum test separation distance is < 5 mm, a distance of 5 mm is applied to determine SAR test exclusion. Conclusion: No SAR is required.


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