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Extended Service Agreement for Your Tempstar Heating & Cooling Products
Why should you consider purchasing a HELP® plan?
Next to an automobile, your heating and air conditioning system is typically your most valuable mechanical asset. Like repairs to your automobile, repairs to your HVAC system can be expensive and untimely. Your Tempstar® brand system comes with a factory parts warranty. Select models also carry a No Hassle Warranty that provides a replacement for your unit if a major component fails within a specified period of time. The HELP® plan adds extra coverage such as on functional components, labor, and mileage.* HELP covers normal repairs to systems and, just like your car maintenance, you should have your HELP dealer perform annual system checks and preventative maintenance. These are not paid for by your HELP agreement, but they can extend the life of your system. HELP does not pay for replacement of parts to prevent a failure. Ask your Tempstar dealer for the HELP plan that best fits your needs, and take advantage of this offer to give you total security. You can only buy a HELP contract within one year of your installation date. So don't delay, take advantage of HELP today!

Peace of Mind
You can take comfort knowing that, in the event a covered component fails, HELP covers major expenses for the term of the contract. HELP is a factory-supported extended service agreement providing unsurpassed financial security.
Purchase the length of coverage you want: 2-year, 5-year, 7-year or 10-year program options--with no deductible! Commercial and Renewal programs are also available.
HELP makes it as easy as picking up the phone and reporting a problem to your dealer. Service is provided by dealers who understand the equipment as well as the program procedures. If, for some reason, your dealer is not available, you can have another qualified HELP dealer assume your contract at no additional cost.
Should you sell your home, you can transfer your agreement to the new owners for just $25 (U.S.)/ $35 (CAN).
HELP is a Tempstar program that is one of the oldest extended labor programs in the industry. The program is underwritten by one of North America's largest providers of extended service agreement programs and administered by Equiguard.
*Subject to Equiguard's terms and conditions. Risk management provided by Equiguard, Inc., and backed by an A.M. Best A Superior rated insurance company.

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