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Guangzhou Qicai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. QC-3201N Touch all-in-one 2BFWU-QC-3201N 2BFWUQC3201N qc 3201n

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Guangzhou Qicai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Date: May 21, 2024
Product Model Number: QC-3201N, QC-070N, QC-010N, QC-133N, QC141N, QC-015N, QC-156N, QC-017N, QC-18501N, QC-019N, ZD-4301B, ZD-4901B, ZD-550M, ZB-6501B, ZB-7501B, ZB-8601B, ZB-9801B, QC-185B, QC-195B, QC-215N, QC-2150B, QC-133B, QC-141B, QC-156B, QC-170B, QC-185B, QC190B, QC-215N, QC-2360N, QC-320B, QC-236B, QC-2380N, QC-238B, QC-2701N, QC-270B, QC-1750N, QC-175B, QC-1950N, QC-195B FCC ID2BFWU-QC-3201N To whom it may concern,
Re: Product Certification Representative Authorization Letter
We authorize QAI Laboratories Ltd. 3980 North Fraser Way, Burnaby B.C. Canada V5J 5K5 to act on our behalf on all matters concerning the above named equipment.
This shall include the following:
 Testing  Approval applications and procedures
We declare that ORGANIZATION. is allowed to forward all information related to the approval project to the applied certification body and to the notification entities and to discuss any issues concerning the approval application. Any and all acts carried out by ORGANIZATION. on our behalf shall have the same effect as acts of our own.
By: Contact Listed on FCC Wesbite
Title: Manager Email: [email protected] Telephone: 13725207753 On behalf of: Guangzhou Qicai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


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