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Document DEVICE REPORTInstructions HMI-764 windmill-hose-stand
Purchase Date: / / Order/Customer Reference Number: Thank you for choosing Sunnydaze Decor. We stand behind our brand and the quality of the items we sell. Replacement parts or products will be sent at our discretion within the 1-year warranty period. Proof of purchase, with the date of purchase as well as photos of the merchandise defect, must be provided. Photos are used to determine the cause of defects and for future quality control. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact us by phone at 888-881-4668, by email: [email protected], or via our contact us page at www.SerenityHealth.com/contact-us/
Read this manual carefully before use and save it for future reference. Assemble components on a soft, clean surface to avoid scratching or damaging the finish.

Ax1 Bx1

C x 1

D x 2

E x 2

F x 2

In-Ground 1. Twist stand top (A) onto stand base (B), ensuring parts are secure.
2. Connect the decorative top (C) to the stand using hardware (D).
3. Choose a location with soil that is firm enough to support the stand while it is in use. Loose soil may cause the stand to lean or tip over.
4. Step on the spikes while pushing the base down until the spikes are fully inserted into the ground.
Wall-Mount 1. Carefully measure and mark the wall where decorative top (C) will
be mounted onto the screws.
2. Pre-drill a hole (where the decorative top will slide down onto the screw) and insert the wall plugs (E).
3. Insert screws (F) into the wall plugs, leaving them far enough out to so the decorative top can slide over the screw head.
4. Slide decorative top (C) onto the screws.

· Do not install the stand in loose soil as this could cause the stand to lean or tip over. · Do not bend the metal. · Store indoors during the winter and severe weather conditions.
Any modification or failure to follow the recommended care will void the product warranty.

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