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Shenzhen Pard Technology Co.,Ltd OCELOT Thermal Imaging Camera 2A3OF-OCELOT 2A3OFOCELOT ocelot

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Shenzhen Pard Technology Co.,Ltd
Model Difference
Product description:Thermal Imaging Camera
Model name: Ocelot 640 S Ocelot 256 S, Ocelot 384 S, Ocelot 480 S, Ocelot 800 S, Ocelot 1024 S, Ocelot 1280 S, TH-MP11L, TH-MP11, TH-MH25L, TH-MH25, TH-MH35L, TH-MH35, TH-MQ35L, TH-SP19C, TH-SP19CL, TH-SH35CL, TH-SQ50CL, HA2, HA4, HA6, OS2, OS4, OS6, LE2, LE4, LE6, SP2, SP4, SP6, LA4C, LA6C, LA2QC, PR6, PR4, OC2, OC4, OC6, OC6Z, PA2, PA4, PA6, PA6Z, SA40, SA41, SA42, SA43, SA44, SA45, SA46 FCC ID: 2A3OF-OCELOT
All the model are of the same circuit and RF module, and the only difference are model names. The model Ocelot 640 S is the tested sample. Regards Sincerely
Client's signature: Client's name / title: Anna Ai / Manager Contact information / address: B78,18/F,Guangyin building,38 Futian South Road, port community, Futian street, Futian District, Shenzhen


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