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Retractor for Minilaparotomies efficiency with the OR ...

Simple Roll-down Technique: A better retractor means better visualization. Our patented outer ring provides better flexibility and form. Better Flexibility

OR Mobius Brochure

OR/Mobius Elastic Surgical Retractor/Wound Protector - CooperSurgical

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· Cystectomy · Total Abdominal Hysterectomy · Myomectomy · Tubal Ligation · Lapcolectomy · Gastric Bybas · Thoratomy - paraesophafeal
hiatal hernia · Appendectomy · Splenectomy




Mini Mobius inner diameter 8 cm


Small Mobius inner diameter 11 cm


medium mobius inner diameter 15 cm

Optimal incision size 2-6 cm
Optimal incision size 4-9 cm
Optimal incision size 8-14 cm

Also available in larger sizes for maximizing exposure during c-sections.



900-517 900-520

Mobius, Medium-Large inner diameter 17 cm
Mobius, Large inner diameter 20 cm

Optimal incision size 9-15 cm
Optimal incision size 12-17 cm

Mobius is latex-free, made of 100% medical grade polyurethane. It is supplied sterile, one retractor per pouch. 5/box

Maximize exposure, safety and efficiency with the OR/Mobius Self-Retaining Elastic Abdominal Retractor for Minilaparotomies

1 Minimally Invasive Cesarean: Improving an Innovative Technique. Pelosi & Pelosi, OBG Management, July 2004
2 The Use of the Mobius® Self-Retaining Retractor in Cesarean Deliveries--A Retrospective Case. Finck, MD & C Della Badia, Poster, AAGL 33rd Annual Meeting, Nov. 2004

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Improved minilaparotomy safety, efficiency and speed are just some of the benefits of the cost-effective OR/Mobias® retractor
Once inserted, using a simple roll down technique, the Mobius® retractor provides 360 degrees of radial retraction: maximizing working area and providing significantly greater exposure than traditional retractors. The Mobius retractor comes in three sizes optimal for general, colorectal and gynecologic surgeries. Each size distributes retraction force evenly without excess pressure around the incision, creating unobstructed exposure to the surgical field. Throughout the procedure this device maximizes working area, minimizes trauma, reduces risk for wound infection, blood loss and allows for faster patient recovery. OB/Mobius retractors are also available for use in c-section procedures. For more information please visit www.coopersurgical.com/obmobius
Simple Roll-down Technique:
1. Squeeze the lower blue ring and insert into the abdomen. Gently pull the ring to ensure insertion and perform a quick digital exam to check for trapped tissue.
2. Position hands at 11 and 1 o'clock with assistant at the 12 o'clock position.
3. Roll down the ring outwards first with the left, followed by the right, slide fingers down the ring to complete a Mobius flip. Repeat process 2-3 times until desired exposure achieved.

A better retractor means better visualization.
Our patented outer ring provides better flexibility and form.
Better Flexibility
· Outer ring lies flush against patient's skin without excessive pressure reducing pain, potentially reducing blood loss.
· Outer ring lies flush against patient's skin without interfering with surgeon's wrists.
· Flexible polyurethane sheath maintains moisture at the incision site while reducing risk of wound infection.
Better Form
· One-piece, molded outer ring construction rolls outward providing maximum hands-free exposure even in obese patients.
· Molds gently to the patient's abdomen for secure low profile retraction that won't slip.
· Only 2-3 outward rolldowns required to achieve optimal exposure.
· Tear resistant, non-stretch sleeve provides superior tissue retraction while allowing for movement through the wound.
· Bottom ring maintains shape, preserving exposure throughout procedure.

Benefits of the Mobius:
· Maximizes exposure through radial retraction for enhanced visibility
· Presents unobstructed surgical field unencumbered by traditional stainless steel retractors
· Alleviates need for additional surgical staff
· Protects wound edges minimizing contamination¹,²
· Gentle retraction through dispersed tension promotes patient postoperative comfort
· Ideal for obese patients (including BMI > 30 lbs.)
· Easy to place and remove with simple technique

Easy to place. Easy to use. Easy to remove.

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