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User Manual for SHAKS models including: S5I, 2AQKJ-S5I, 2AQKJS5I, S5i, Gaming Controller

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User manual [email protected] 070-7542-6699

Before use
Charge gamepad fully before using when first use. Check out this manual v1.3 carefully.

Product package


User manual

USB cable (for charging & wired connection)

Controller buttons

Function Select
L-Stick (L3)









R-Stick (R3)

Pairing button Mode button

Connectable device

Android (smartphone, tablet, TV, TV box)

iPhone, iPad

Mac PC

Windows PC, Laptop

Linux PC

Power on / off
Power on / off: Press and hold the to turn it on and off.

button for 3 seconds

Technical specification

Product: SHAKS S5i

Supported profiles : HID, DInput, XInput

Weight : 160g

Operating Time : Up to 8 hours

Output Power : Class 2

Charging Time : 1 hour

FrequencyBand:2400~2483MHz Size(mm) : 134(W)*92.5(L)*33(H)

Transmission Range : 7 ~ 10 m Connectivity(Wireless):Bluetooth4.1

 The operation time can be changed depending on the type of game.

How to fit a Smartphone
Slightly pull both sides, put one side of the smartphone on one side of S5i first, and then stretch the other side of S5i to fix the phone.

165mm 9mm

*NOTE: The maximum thickness is 9mm and max length of the product is 165mm. Please be careful not to exceed this standard. Oversized installation may result in excessive damage to the product.

How to charge

Charge with charging cable by connecting to PC or USB power charging device (5V).

Low battery

1st LED blinks fast


1st LED blinks slowly

Fully charged

1st LED stays on

 Possible to play while charging.

LED status
 LED order
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Power Feature Mode Mode status
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th [LED status in Pairing process]
Pairing (2nd, 3rd LED blink fast)* Reconnect (2nd, 3rd LED blink alternately)* [ LED status for each mode ]
SHAKS mapping service mode XInput(Wired)*
Function notification LED
 Pairing : Press pairing button( ) for more than 2 seconds.  Reconnect : The gamepad is trying to connect with the registered
(paired) device. To register new device, delete the registered one by following the pairing process above.  DirectInput mode : Available on DirectInput enabled devices like Android, Mac PC, Linux PC.  XInput (Wireless, Wired) : Available on Windows, XInput (Xbox) enabled devices.  3rd LED lit on by pressing the Function button regardless of the Mode LED

How to reset
Press reset button on the back of S5i with a pin. Use it when the button is not working.
App for Android ­ SHAKS Game Hub
Gamepad status checking SHAKS Touch Mapping Service - for touch-only games Firmware upgrade Setting the Function button - Turbo, sniper mode, mouse, camera shooting, etc. Product inquiry  CAUTION: When upgrading firmware, be sure to connect USB
cable with S5i.  SHAKS touch mapping can be activated when S5i is on
[SHAKS mapping mode]. Please refer to manual in App.  Please search `SHAKS Game Hub' in Google Play or download
and install App using above QR code.
App for Windows
It provides the same function as Android App except SHAKS Touch Mapping service.  Please download and install App using
above QR code.  The `O' button in the manual is the same
as S5i Function button.

Mode Setting

 When the power is on, even if you change the mode on the side,

the mode will not change. Please follow step 1 in each mode

setting - Change to the desired mode and press


for a long time to turn the power off and on to apply it.

 Pairing : Press the pairing button( ) at the bottom for more than 2 seconds and find & select `SHAKS S5i' on the device.

 To use the same device (smartphone, etc.) in A mode to B mode, please delete pairing in A mode and pair again in B mode.

 Two pairing information is stored in each mode (mode1~4), and S5i is automatically connected to the connectable one among the two. If you press the pairing button( ) for more than 5 seconds, the two pairing info registered in current mode will be deleted.

 Reconnect : The gamepad is attempting to connect with the paired device. To connect with a new device, please perform the pairing process newly. The new device will be saved and the first device registered among pairing information will be deleted.

1. DirectInput mode

Android (Smartphone,Tablet,TV Box,TV), Mac PC, Linux PC

Available on DirectInput-enabled devices.

1 Mode setting: Power off, change the mode to ( ) and power it on.

2 2

Connecting : Please proceed 'pairing'

process. If you have a connected device,

it will automatically 'reconnect'.

3 When pairing is successful : 2nd & 3rd

LEDs turn off and 4th & 5th LEDs light up.

- mode button - DirectInput mode -

2. Xinput (Wireless) mode

Connect to games supporting Windows, Laptop and Xinput(Xbox)

Bluetooth dongle may be required for a PC.

1 If your PC doesn't support Bluetooth, please use 5. Xinput (Wired) mode.

1 Mode setting : Power off, change the mode to ( ) and power it on.
2 Connecting : Please proceed 'pairing' process. If you have a connected device, it will automatically 'reconnect'.
3 When pairing is successful : 2nd & 3rd LEDs turn off and 5th LEDs light up.

- mode button - XInput(Wireless) mode -

3. iOS (Wireless) mode
iPhone, iPad Connection
1 Mode setting : Power off, change the mode to ( ) and power it on.
2 Connecting : Please proceed 'pairing' process. If you have a connected device, it will automatically 'reconnect'.
3 When pairing is successful : 2nd & 3rd LEDs turn off and 4th LEDs light up.

- mode button - iOS mode -

4. SHAKS mapping mode (for Android only)

1 Mode setting : Power off, change the mode to ( ) and power it on.

2 Connecting : Please proceed 'pairing' process. If you have a connected device, it will automatically 'reconnect'.

- mode button -

3 When pairing is successful: 2nd & 3rd

LEDs turn off and 1st LED lights up.

- SHAKS mapping service mode -

 Please refer to [Android SHAKS App ­ SHAKS Game Hub]

 You may need to update firmware in Android SHAKS App.

5. Xinput (Wired) mode
Connect to devices supporting Windows PC, Laptop, XInput(Xbox) It's wired connection without Bluetooth. 1 Connecting: Power off, press pairing button and connect provided USB cable to the device. 2 When completed: 4th & 5th LEDs turn off and 1st LED lights up.  Be sure to follow steps in order.  Can be connected regardless of mode.  With C to C type USB Cable, you can use wired mode with smartphone, connecting as Xbox compatible gamepad.
 How to use the Function button
1 How to use: In 1. DirectInput or 2. Xinput (Wireless) mode, press the Function button to enable(the 3rd LED on) and disable(the 3rd LED off).

- Funtion button -

Function  Camera / Volume up  Sniper mode

 Turbo mode  Virtual mouse  Phone/Media button

 For more information, please refer to manual in SHAKS Game Hub.

 You can control features in App for both Android and Windows.

Q&A - smartphone, TV and TV set-top box
Q1) What TVs or TV set-top boxes and other products are compatible?  For Android products, please connect in DirectInput mode ( ). Products accessible to Google Play Store are Android compatible products.  For products supporting Windows (XInput) or Xbox 360 gamepads, please connect in XInput (wireless, wired) mode to use.
Q2) How do I update the firmware? You can update it in SHAKS App.
Q3) Can I use it by wire? Yes, please refer to 5. Xinput (Wired) mode. If you use C to C type USB cable on your smartphone, you can connect to S5i by wire.

Q&A - PC Connection
Q4) Unable to connect by wire.  First, please turn off gamepad and connect cable to your PC. Refer to 5. Xinput(Wired) mode  If it doesn't work well, try using a different USB cable.  The length of the USB cable must not exceed 5m in total.
Q5) If my PC doesn't support Bluetooth, how can I connect?  Please purchase Bluetooth-Dongle and try connecting to PC. Refer to 2. Xinput(Wireless) mode.  You can connect S5i via 5. Xinput(Wired) mode without connecting via Bluetooth.
Q6) I connected S5i via Bluetooth, but it doesn't work.  Re-run the game. Check if the game supports gamepad (DirectInput or XInput) or not.  Check if S5i is connected in 2. Xinput(Wireless) mode (5th LED).  Please reset the gamepad and restart it.  If there is a USB 3.0 product near the Bluetooth dongle, please keep it at a distance through the USB extension or disconnect the USB 3.0 product from your computer.  If gamepad is connected to PC successfully via Bluetooth, but the gamepad is not connected, delete the gamepad from Bluetooth device list and turn off & on Bluetooth. Try reconnecting or restart the PC.
Q7) S5i doesn't work in certain games.  Check if the game supports gamepad(DirectInput or Xinput) and then change to the appropriate mode.  Please check if you are using setting in game or controller -related programs.
Q8) Can I play with 4 gamepads on PC? Yes, up to 4 gamepads can be connected.
Q9) How do I check the status of S5i? You can check it in App for Windows.

Product warranty

Model name


Product warranty period

1 year from the date of purchase

Purchase date

A/S inquiry phone number


Address of A/S

A706, Ace Cheonggye Tower, 53 Seonggogae-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, 16006

 When repair service is needed, this warranty card, which shows the date of purchase, must be provided.
1. The free warranty for this product is covered as described in this product warranty.
2. Since the warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase, the purchase date must be stated.
: The warranty period is calculated based on the purchase receipt or purchase statement. If there is no proof of purchase, the standard for resolving the consumer dispute can be applied based on the production date.
3. Quality assurance product range is limited to basic components such as Gamepad S5i. Any damage that occurs under normal use within the warranty period is free of charge, and repair costs must be paid by the customer in the event of failure or damage caused by user's negligence, even if the warranty period has expired or is within the warranty period.
4. If you use this home product as a business purpose or means, or use it in an unusual environment, the warranty period will be shortened to 50%.
5. Do not store this product in a place of moisture or high temperature. 6. Do not tap, drop, disassemble, or stab to prevent unnecessary
damage to this product. 7. Non-professional personnel should not disassemble this product.
Otherwise, it is not in warranty after sale. 8. This warranty cannot be reissued. 9. In the case of supply under a separate agreement, the warranty
shall be applied in accordance with the main contract. 10. The manufacturer is responsible for after-sales service and
safety and quality issues for product defects.

This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.



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