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Document DEVICE REPORT351c-ft 351c-fta 353c-ft 353c-ftu owner s manual
Owner's Manual
Countertop, Portable, Sizzle Induction Range

The Evolution of Intelligent Design®
127 Ambassador Drive, Suite 147 Naperville, IL 60540-4079
P: 630-527-8600 F: 630-527-8677 [email protected]
June 2019

Model # SM-351C-FT (US) SM-351C-FTA (US) SM-353C-FT (Int'l) SM-353C-FTU (UK)
The Evolution of Intelligent Design®

Before You Begin
To ensure safe operation, read the following instructions in their entirety.
Warning is used to indicate the presence of a hazard that can cause severe personal injury, death, or substantial property damage if the warning is ignored.
Caution is used to indicate the presence of a hazard that will or can cause minor personal injury or property damage if the caution is ignored.
Notice is used to note information that is important but not hazard-related.
To reduce risk of injury or damage to the equipment: · Plug only into grounded electrical outlets matching the nameplate
rated voltage. · Do not power the equipment with extension cords, power strips, or
multipurpose sockets. · Equipment should only be used in a flat, level position. · Do not obstruct or cover the equipment in any way when in use. · Do not operate unattended. · Do not leave an empty vessel on the equipment when in use. · Closely supervise equipment operating in public areas and/or around
children. · Do not operate if equipment has been damaged or is malfunctioning
in any way. · Keep equipment and power cord away from open flames, electric
burners or excessive heat. · Unplug equipment and let it cool before cleaning. · Unplug when not in use.

Spring USA's Countertop, Portable, Sizzle Induction Range is a heating unit for product cooking or holding. The range features a durable, titanium colored, stainless-steel body and integrated oversized pan support. Each range includes our exclusive SmartScan® technology with over/under voltage protection, pan size and pan type recognition, and large LED power/temp display.
Electrical Requirements:

Model #
SM-351C-FT (US)
SM-351C-FTA (US)
SM-353C-FT (Int'l)
SM-353C-FTU (UK)

Voltage 208-240 208-240 220-240 220-240

Phase 1 1 1 1

Hertz 60 60
50-60 50-60

Watts 3500 3500 3500 3000

Amps 14.6 14.6 14.6 12.5

NEMA 6-20P
NEMA 6-20P
CEE-7/7 16A Schuko
BS 1363 (13A) U.K.



Inspect all parts of the induction range prior to installation and use. If the unit is damaged, do not use. Contact a supplier for a replacement.
To prepare the induction range for use, simply place the unit on a flat, level surface. If the unit is not level, adjust the leveling legs by turning the feet clockwise or counterclockwise until the unit sits solidly in place.
Ensure the installation location has dedicated power. There must be at least 4" of space available around the induction range for proper ventilation.
To operate the induction range, induction-ready vessels must be used.
· Glass serving vessels are not suited for use on the induction range. · Vessels must have a flat base in order to make full contact with the
range. Vessels that are footed, or that have a raised ridge, are not suited for the induction range. · Vessels must have a base diameter greater than 4.7".
Spring USA induction servers and induction ranges are designed to work together as a system. Optimal performance is achieved by using Spring USA components in conjunction with each other. Spring USA cannot guarantee the performance of facsimile products offered by other companies.
Follow the below steps for operating the induction range: 1. Plug in the unit. Two horizontal lines may blink in the display
window. This does not indicate the unit is ON. The ON/OFF button must be pressed to turn the unit ON. 2. Press the ON/OFF button. 3. Place the vessel on the induction range surface.

4. The LED lights above each time setting will blink until a time setting is pressed.
5. Press the desired time setting button. The LED lights will stop blinking and only the LED light above the selected time setting button will remain on. The display window will start to countdown the time.
6. Once the time has expired, the unit will stop heating. 7. A different time setting can be selected during the countdown of a
previously selected time setting. This will restart the time to the newest time setting.
There are no set temperatures on the Sizzle, Induction Range. Temperature is dependent on the type of vessel used and the amount of time the vessel is heated.
Do not touch the top surface of the induction range immediately after heating and removing a vessel. The top surface may be hot due to heat transferred from the vessel.


To clean the induction range, first ensure the unit has been turned off, unplugged from the power source and has cooled before handling.
Wipe down the unit with a sponge or cloth with a mild dishwashing liquid. Dry with a clean, soft cloth. Do not immerse the induction range directly in water for cleaning ­ this will damage the unit.
Inspect the mesh air filter on the underside of the induction range each day. If it is soiled, remove the filter and wash with hot water, dish washing detergent and a scrub brush. Dry and attached to the unit before operating. If using the unit daily, recommend filter replacement period is every 6 months.

Troubleshooting/Error Codes

E0 E1 E2 E3

The induction range does not sense an inductionready vessel on the surface.
The range has overheated due to blocked ventilation and has shut down.
Overheating protection has been activated and the range has shut down.
The range is experiencing temporary voltage overload.

Place an induction ready vessel on the range.
Clear vents, let the range cool and restart the range.
Remove vessel from the range, let the range cool and restart the range.
Remove vessel from the range, let the range cool and restart the range. Review dedicated power requirements under Installation in this manual.

Keep the induction range away from other ovens or stoves. If the surrounding temperature is hot, the induction range may stop heating.

Service & Repair
Never attempt to service any part of The Sizzle Induction Range. Attempting to service the unit on your own, or through an unauthorized repair facility, automatically voids your warranty. Contact our Service Department at 630-527-8600. For service forms, visit the Spring USA website.
For limited warranty information, visit the Spring USA website.



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