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L&S; Italia S.p.A. SMARTUP1 Remote Control 2ARW2-SMARTUP1 2ARW2SMARTUP1 smartup1

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1. RF Exposure Requirements

1.1 General Information

Client Information Applicant: Address of applicant:

L&S ltalia SpA Viale Lino Zanussi, 8-33070 Maron di Brugnera (PN)-ITALY

Manufacturer: Address of manufacturer:

Nexta Tech - Brand of TEAM srl Via Gugliermo Oberdan, 90 - 33074 Fontanafredda (PN) - ITALY

General Description of EUT: Product Name: Trade Name: Model No.: Adding Model(s): Rated Voltage: Power Adaptor : FCC ID: Equipment Type:

Remote Control / SMART UP 1 SMART UP 1 MONO DC3V / 2ARW2-SMARTUP1 Portable device

Technical Characteristics of EUT:

Frequency Range:


Max. Field Strength:

433.92MHz: 78.72dBuV/m(3m)

Data Rate:




Antenna Type:

PCB Antenna

Antenna Gain:


1.2 RF Exposure Exemption
According to §1.1307(b)(3) and KDB 447498 D04 Interim General RF Exposure Guidance v01, system operating under the provisions of this section shall be operating in a manner that the public is not exposed to radio frequency energy level in excess limit for maximum permissible exposure.
Option A: FCC Rule Part 1.1307 (b)(3)(i)(A):The available maximum time-averaged power is no more than 1mW, regardless of separation distance.
Option B: FCC Rule Part 1.1307 (b)(3)(i)(B): The available maximum time-averaged power or effective radiated power (ERP), whichever is greater, is less than or equal to the threshold Pth (mW) described in the following formula. Pth is given by:

Option C: FCC Rule Part 1.1307 (b)(3)(i)(C): The minimum separation distance (R in meters) from the body of a nearby person for the frequency (f in MHz) at which the source operates, the ERP (watts) is no more than the calculated value prescribed for that frequency. R must be at least /2, where  is the free-space operating wavelength in meters.

Single RF Sources Subject to Routine Environmental Evaluation

RF Source frequency (MHz)

Threshold ERP (watts)


1,920 R2


3,450 R2/f2


3.83 R2


0.0128 R2f



For Multiple RF sources: FCC Rule Part 1.1307(b)(3)(ii): (A) The available maximum time-averaged power of each source is no more than 1 mW and there is a
separation distance of two centimeters between any portion of a radiating structure operating and the nearest portion of any other radiating structure in the same device, except if the sum of multiple sources is less than 1 mW during the time-averaging period, in which case they may be treated as a single source (separation is not required). (B) In the case of fixed RF sources operating in the same time-averaging period, or of multiple mobile or portable RF sources within a device operating in the same time averaging period, if the sum of the fractional contributions to the applicable thresholds is less than or equal to 1 as indicated in the following equation.

1.3 Calculated Result

Radio Access Technology

Prediction Frequency
(MHz) 433.92

Max. Field Strength (dBuV/m)

Antenna Gain (dBi) -17.65

Output Power (dBm)

Tune-Up Power (dBm)

(dBm) -17.80


Min. Distance

Max. Power




(dBm) (mW)

Exposure Limit (mW)


Result Pass/Fail









Note: 1. EIRP= E-104.8+20logD; Output Power=EIRP- Antenna Gain;


2. Option A, B and C refers as clause 1.2.

3. For option B, Max (time-averaged power, effective radiated power (ERP)) converts to Max. Power.

For option C, ERP converts to Max. Power;

4. For option B, Pth (mW) converts to Exposure Limit (mW); For option C, ERP (W) converts to

Exposure Limit (mW).

5. Ratio= Tune-Up ERP (mW)/ Exposure Limit (mW)

Mode for Simultaneous Multi-band Transmission:

Radio Access Technology

Ratio 1

Ratio 2




Ratio 3 /

Simultaneous Ratio /

Limit /

Result Pass/Fail

Result: Pass


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