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User guide
XAC 8000
Remote control Congratulations, you have just purchased a product with Intelbras quality and security. The XAC 8000 remote control is a dedicated accessory for user interface and alarm center. It allows to activate, deactivate and perform other functions together with the center unit with three keys and light identification of events. Up to 98 XAC 8000 controls can be added to each AMT 8000 alarm center.
1.Care and security
»» Follow all instructions in the manual/guide for product installation and handling.
»» Do not expose the control to environments with agents such as rain, fog, water splashes, solid particles, among other harmful agents.
»» Wireless communication technology, when exposed to environments with high power radiation, may suffer interference and have its performance impaired. Example: locations near TV towers, AM/FM radio stations, amateur radio stations, etc.
»» Clean only the external part of the device, using only a damp cloth (do not use chemical solvents);
»» Do not subject the device to excessive pressure or knocks/falls.
»» Do not cover the device with adhesives, paper or inks.
»» Do not expose directly to sunlight. »» Only perform configurations and
installations by qualified personnel. »» Perform periodic tests on it to va-
lidate weather conditions, battery level and other factors so that the site supervised by the system is always able to operate properly.

2.Technical specifications


3 independent keys

Frequency of operation

RF signal from 915 to 928 MHz
11 dBm


DSSS BPSK 40 kbps

up to 200 m

Transmission range

with direct line of sight open


Power supply

3 V (1 battery type CR2032)

Operating temperature

­10 to 50 °C @ 90% of humidity


Alarm center AMT 8000


Against invasive signals

ANATEL Homologation




Dimensions (W × H × D)

42 × 68 × 11 mm


20 grams

Note: Intelbras wireless systems are tested to the highest standards and bring high reliability, but due to their use/installation in various scenarios, some considerations must be taken into account:

»» Transmitters/receivers may be disturbed by radio signals, natural interference, location of operation of the devices, climatic issues and other adversities affecting the transmission of data regardless of the frequency or technology used, since the means of transmission is adverse and different from place to place.

»» The receivers/transmitters of the devices have an internal processing time, and only receive the data necessary for communication between them after this particular time for the system.

»» Wireless devices must be tested regularly to determine if sources of interference exist and to protect against possible failures.

»» Differentiated design. »» Protection against malicious sig-
nals. »» Encryption in data transmission
between devices. »» LED trigger status indicator. »» Long battery life. »» Anti-key lock.
To register the control with the alarm center, press the synchronization key on the center unit and then press any of the control keys to connect both and the LED should flash green, indicating the success of the registration. If the LED flashes orange, the signal is intermittent or weak and if the LED flashes red, there was some fault and the process must be repeated. The control addressing will be according to the sequence performed, respecting the maximum limit of 98 devices of this type.
XAC 8000 remote control
To physically delete a control registered in the alarm center, hold down the keys of positions 1 and 2 (following vertical orientation) of the control for 10 seconds until the LED flashes twice in red. When physically deleting the controls, they must also be deleted from the memory of the center unit via programming. To register other controls/accessories through keyboard commands and more information/configurations, refer to the complete manual of the AMT 8000 center unit. Note: when registering the XAT 8000 remote control to the alarm center using the synchronization key, perform the practice safely, because the alarm center is energized, so as not to bring risks to the installer and the equipment.


Each registered control will be associated to the user, according to the registration sequence, and the first registered control (address 00) will have the same permissions as the user of password 00 (Master User), and the other controls assuming the addresses 01 to 97 (necessary to register/ enable passwords and permissions for these users). The system activation and deactivation keys of the controls come enabled from the factory for the user defined (permission required), and to change these and enable the third key, refer to the complete manual of the AMT 8000 alarm center.
Use only quality batteries with the correct sizing for the device, and with the typical use of the device, the battery life forecast is 3 to 5 years and can be influenced by the number of triggering, weather conditions and configuration mode.
The battery model should be CR2032, being used one (1) battery per control.
R3 2V0O3LT2S
Battery model CR2032
The indication of the low battery level of controls will be demonstrated on the keyboard displays and/or in applications with respective events.
To change the batteries of the XAC 8000 control, it must be opened, starting at the back of the control (near the opening for keyring allocation). Remove the used battery and add the new one, checking the correct position and close the control cabinet again.
Note: programming and registration between control and center unit will not be lost when the batteries are removed or the center unit in which it is paired is turned off.

This equipment is not entitled to protection against harmful interference and may not cause interference to duly authorized systems.

Warranty term
It is expressly stated that this contractual warranty is given subject to the following conditions:

Name of customer:

Signature of the customer:

No. of the invoice:

Date of purchase:


Serial No:


1. All parts and components of the product are under warranty against possible manufacturing defects, which may present, for a period of one (1) year, ­ comprising 90 (ninety) days of legal warranty and 9 (nine) months of contractual warranty, ­, counted from the date of purchase of the product by the Consumer, as stated in the invoice of purchase of the product, which is part of this Term throughout the national territory. This contractual warranty includes the express exchange of products that are defective in manufacture. In case no manufacturing defect is found, but flaw(s) from inappropriate use, the Consumer will bear these expenses.
2. Product installation must be done in accordance with the Product Manual and/ or Installation Guide. If your product needs to be installed and configured by a qualified technician, look for a suitable and specialized professional, and the costs of these services are not included in the value of the product.
3. If the defect is found, the Consumer should immediately communicate with the nearest Authorized Service listed by the manufacturer, ­ only they are authorized to examine and remedy the defect during the warranty period provided herein. If this is not respected, this guarantee will lose its validity, as the violation of the product will be characterized.
4. In the event that the Customer request home care, he/she should refer to the nearest Authorized Service for the technical visit fee. If the need for withdrawal of the product is found, the expenses arising, such as transportation and safety to and from the product, are under the responsibility of the Consumer.

5. The warranty will totally lose its validity in the event of any of the following: a) if the defect is not of manufacture, but caused by the Consumer or by third parties alien to the manufacturer; b) if the damage to the product comes from accidents, claims, agents of nature (lightning, floods, landslides, etc.. ), humidity, mains voltage (overvoltage caused by accidents or excessive mains fluctuations), installation/use in disagreement with the user manual or due to natural wear of parts and components; c) if the product has been influenced by chemical, electromagnetic, electrical or animal (insects, etc.); d) if the product's serial number has been tampered with or erased; e) if the device has been violated.
6. This warranty does not cover loss of data, so it is recommended that the Consumer make a regular backup of the data on the product.
7. Intelbras is not responsible for the installation of this product and also for any attempts of fraud and/or sabotage on its products. Keep software and application updates, if any, up to date, as well as network protections necessary to protect against hackers. The equipment is guaranteed against flaws within its normal conditions of use, and it is important to be aware that, since it is an electronic equipment, it is not free from frauds and scams that may interfere with its correct
Since these are the conditions of this complementary Warranty Term, Intelbras S/A reserves the right to change the general, technical and aesthetic characteristics of its products without prior notice.
The manufacturing process for this product is not covered by the requirements of ISO 14001.
All images in this manual are illustrative.

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