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US Agent Attestation Letter

Favero Electronics S.r.l. FPM2 Electronics sensor for bicycle pedal power meter 2ATKD-FPM2 2ATKDFPM2 fpm2

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FPM2 Electronics Sensor For Bicycle Pedal Power Meter by Favero S r l

Favero Electronics S.r.l. FPM2 2ATKD-FPM2 2ATKDFPM2 fpm2

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U.S. Agent Designation for Service of Process Certification Attestation Letter

ATTN.: Reviewing Engineer


Per section 2.911(d)(7) of the FCC rules, favero electronics srl

("the applicant")

certifies that the equipment for which authorization is sought is designated to the following U.S.

agent* for service of process:

Company Name: +1 Compliance LLC Physical U.S. Company Address: 2113 Huron Circle, Denton, Texas 76210 USA FRN: 0033497389 Agent name: Benjamin W. Tidwell Agent Email Address: [email protected]

The above contact person accepts the obligation for service of process.
The applicant accepts to maintain an agent for no less than one year after the grantee has terminated all marketing and importation or the conclusion of any Commission-related proceeding involving the equipment.

Applicant Signed:

Agent Signed:

Printed name: Andrea Olivotto
Title: R&D manager Company Name: favero electronics srl Date: 27 April 2023

Printed name: Benjamin W. Tidwell Title: President Company Name: +1 Compliance LLC FRN.: 0033497389 Date: 27 April 2023

* the applicant must designate a contact located in the United States for purposes of acting as the applicant's agent for service of process, regardless of whether the applicant is a domestic or foreign entity. An applicant located in the United States may designate itself as the agent for service of process.


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