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Welcome to the breezy life.

The Windmill AC Medium Size: 8K BTU Installation Guide

A few things before you get started:

Installing your Windmill AC should take about 45 minutes
We recommend doing this with a helper
IMPORTANT: Carefully read the entire installation guide and owner's manual before installing the unit This installation guide and the complete owner's manual are available at: Some installations require additional support brackets. Please see for more information.

If you're looking for professional assistance, we have some options for you:
We're here if you need us, so don't hesitate to chat or email:

Safety first

It's really important you read these warnings and this entire installation guide before you get started. And please follow each step exactly as its shown:

General Installation Warnings & Cautions

Electrical Warnings & Cautions

 Follow all warnings and safety instructions.  To avoid risk of personal injury, property damage, and product damage,
pay close attention to the following during installation:  The AC could fall if it is not properly installed, which could result in death or serious injury. Pay close attention to steps 2 and 3 to ensure you properly position and secure the AC in the window.  The Windmill AC is heavy. Two or more people are needed to move and install the unit. We don't want you hurting yourself, so please use proper carrying and lifting techniques (as they say, lift with your legs, not your back!).
 Do not touch the metal fins or the front and rear coils - they're sharp. Wear protective gloves whenever lifting or carrying the unit and handle the AC with care.
 Carefully inspect the window where you are installing your AC unit. Make sure it is in good condition and can support the weight of the unit over a long period of time.
 To make sure the AC doesn't fall out of the window during installation, use a helper to securely hold the back of the unit up while positioning it properly in the window.
 Use only the screws that are specified in this guide.  To avoid injury, wear closed toe shoes and do not wear loose clothing that
could get tangled in the unit during installation.  Save these instructions for future reference or visit

 The AC must be properly grounded to avoid a fire or electrocution hazard. You must use a grounded three-prong outlet. Do not remove, cut, or bypass the grounding prong on the plug. DO NOT use an extension cord, surge protector, or multi-outlet adapter with this window AC.
 Observe all local, state, and national electrical codes and only use qualified, licensed, and authorized personnel for electrical assistance. Seek professional help if there is any doubt with your outlet or plug. If you
do not have a three-prong outlet, call a licensed electrician to make any required changes to your outlets.  Power cord may include a current interrupter device. TEST & RESET buttons are included on the plug case. You should test the device
periodically by first pressing the TEST button and then pressing the RESET button. If the TEST button doesn't trip or if the RESET button doesn't stay engaged, stop use of the AC and contact Windmill at support.  Do not turn off the AC by pulling the electric cord or using the current interrupter device as an on/off switch.  DO NOT push the TEST button while the unit is running (this can damage the plug).  The conductors inside the cord are surrounded by shields, which monitor leakage current. They're not grounded. Periodically examine the cord for damage, and don't use the AC if the shields are exposed.
 Electrical parts can cause shock or fire. Do not open the tamper-resistant, sealed portion of any electrical components. Do not attempt to replace the power cord or repair any electrical components. If the power cord is damaged contact Windmill at
 Improper installation or servicing and intentional damage will void the Limited Warranty.


Window Requirements

23-37 inches

14 inches

The medium size (8K BTU) Windmill AC is designed for windows that slide up and down (double-hung windows) with a width of 23-37 inches and a vertical opening of at least 14 inches.
Make sure your window is in good shape and can handle the weight of the AC for a long period of time.
You'll also want to make sure there is at least 2 feet of clearance on all sides of your AC (including the front and back). This helps ensure walls and other objects don't block airflow.


If that looks right, let's get rolling.

What's in the box?
The Windmill AC
To simplify your setup, the AC comes with the top and bottom install bars, the front frame, side adapters, and both side panels pre-assembled.**
**Please ensure that the front frame and both side panels are secured (and not damaged) before installing your AC.
Cosmetic panels
Left and right cosmetic panels with end caps attached.

SMALL STUFF ½" Screws (7x) Window sash lock (1x) Adhesive & non-adhesive window insulation foam (1x each) Rubber screw hole plug (1x)
TOOLS Scissors (included)
Phillips head screwdriver *Not Included Drill (If pilot holes are required) *Not Included

Got everything you need? Time to prep your window.


Step 1
Insulate your window.

Flip to view steps.


Step 1. Insulate your window.




Cut the adhesive foam to the width of your window.
You should cut the foam to be the width of your window from the left to the right side. Make sure you're cutting the foam with the adhesive.

Stick the adhesive foam across the underside of the front window sash.**
Peel off the backing paper to expose the adhesive. Stick this side of the foam to the underside of your window sash (i.e., the bottom of the window that will close down on your AC).

**If your window already has a liner or insulation strip, you can skip the above steps.





Cut the non-adhesive foam to the height Insert the foam into the channels on

of the bottom half of your window.

both sides.

Cut the non-adhesive insulation foam to fit the length of the vertical side channels of the window frame.

This should be the sides of the lower half of your window.

Your window's ready, now let's focus on your AC.


Step 2
Lift the AC into the window.

Flip to view steps.


Step 2. Lift the AC into the window.

2 Wooden Windows



Together with your helper, lift the

Properly position the bottom bar

assembled AC into the window frame. BEHIND the inside window sill.

Make sure you do this step with a helper. Very carefully, lift the assembled AC into the window frame.
Make sure someone is holding the back of the unit securely.
**It's helpful to rest the unit on the inside window sill until you're ready to reposition it correctly. Injury (to you and others) and property damage can occur if not done correctly.

Properly position the bottom bar behind the inside window sill and into the bottom horizontal channel of the window frame. The front of the bottom bar should be pressing up against the back edge of the sill.
Make sure someone is holding the back of the unit securely.

Vinyl Windows





Close the window down onto the AC, BEHIND the top bar.

If you have storm windows, additional window setup is required. Otherwise, the unit will tilt into the room (which could damage your floor and the unit). Please visit

Once the AC is centered and the bottom bar is successfully positioned, close the window down onto the AC, behind the top bar. See diagram above.
**Make sure the weight is supported before letting go of the back of the unit. The AC should be tilted slightly back with a ~¼ inch downward tilt toward the outside. Please make sure the unit is NOT level or tilted into the room (we don't want water leaking into your home!).

You did the hard part. It's all smooth sailing from here. 13

Step 3
Secure the AC.

Flip to view steps. 15

Step 3. Secure the AC.



Use the side panels to fit the AC to the window.
Extend the side panels out until they reach the window frames on each side.

Secure the AC using the included 1/2 inch screws.
Now that your AC is in the right position, you'll need to secure it using the included ½ inch screws. Locate the five screw hole locations on the unit and side panels as marked. Use the center screw hole on the top installation bar to secure your unit to the window frame. Use the remaining 4 screw holes to secure the side panels.


Fill the center hole on the front frame with the included rubber plug.
This will give your AC a clean, finished look.
Nice and secure. Feels good right? 17

Step 4
Cut and attach the cosmetic panels.

Flip to view steps. 19

Step 4. Cut and attach the cosmetic panels.



Determine the width of your side panels.

Find the corresponding number on your cosmetic panels.

This is the number on your side panel that falls just behind the edge of the front frame.

(Make sure you are using the correct panel. They are labeled "Left" and "Right")

The left and right numbers may be different if the AC is not perfectly centered in the window.

Cut straight, along the respective line. It's better to leave extra material - you can always recut but you can't get material back.

Once you cut one side, repeat on the other, keeping in mind the number (and where you cut) may be different.



Insert the trimmed side panels into the front frame.

Snap the prongs into place.

Align and insert the end you just cut into the vertical channel on both sides of the front frame. It helps to insert the bottom corner first and then the top. Then gently push the panel into the slot.

Snap the three prongs into the corresponding slots on the ends of the side panels. Repeat on both sides.

You're in business. Now for the last step. 21

Step 5
Lock and insulate your window.

Flip to view steps. 23

Step 5. Lock and insulate your window.

Option 1: Wood windows.
Attach the sash lock as shown in the diagram above.

Option 2: Vinyl windows.
Attach the sash lock as shown in the diagram above.
CAUTION: For vinyl or similar windows, attach the bracket to the side jamb of the window (not the window itself). See diagram above. This will help avoid broken glass and window damage.




Cut the non-adhesive insulation foam Use the nonadhesive foam to fill the

to fit the width of your window.

gaps in your window.

Make sure you are cutting the foam with the non-adhesive sides. Measure and cut the foam to be the width of your window from the left to right side.

Stuff it between the gap of the upper and lower sashes of your window.
This will plug any air gaps and help keep out bugs and draft.

That's it for installation! Just a few more things to check over, and then you can relax. 25

Some other things you may want to know.

Connect your Windmill AC to your smartphone.
To learn how to connect your Windmill AC to your smartphone and for app related questions, please go to

How to help the environment and save on your energy bill:
 Clean your large mesh filter at least monthly (and if applicable, replace your activated carbon filter every 2-4 months).
 Make sure nothing is blocking the air flow around your AC. We recommend a clearance of at least 2 feet.
 Place your AC in a window that gets plenty of shade.  Insulate your window well using weatherproof foam.  Run other appliances during cooler parts of the day.




To remove your AC from the window: Windmill comes with a one year limited warranty.

1. Turn off the AC and unplug the power cord. 2. Take out the insulation foam between the top and
bottom window sashes. 3. Unscrew all screws securing the AC and side panels to
the window frame or sill. 4. Remove the end caps and cosmetic panels. 5. Then, slide the side panels back in, towards the unit. 6. Place a plastic bag or towel on the floor under the unit
(in case there is water in the unit from normal operation). 7. With a helper, hold on to the back of the unit securely. 8. Raise the window and slide the unit inside the room. 9. Carefully lift the unit onto the floor. To avoid getting
water in your home, do not tilt the front of the unit downward.

To register your AC or learn about how to make a warranty claim, go to





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