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48 L02 US Agent 2.911(d)(7)

Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd. L021 2BFMQ-L021 2BFMQL021 l021

Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd. L021 Projector 2BFMQ-L021 2BFMQL021 l021

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- Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd. -

Federal Communications Commission Authorization and Evaluation Division Equipment Authorization Branch 7435 Oakland Mills Road Columbia, MD 21046
U.S. Agent Designation


[Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd.] acknowledges their consent for the following contact located in the United States to act as their agent for service of process for the equipment for which authorization is sought (FCC ID: [2BFMQ-L021]):

Name and company of U.S. agent: AOCE Corporation Inc. Physical U.S. address of agent: 6547 N Academy Bivd #2266Colorado Springs CO, 80918 United States FRN of U.S. agent: 0033401381 Email address of U.S. agent: [email protected]

[AOCE Corporation Inc.] acknowledges their obligation to accept service of process on behalf of [Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd.].

[Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd.] with the FRN [0035191550] accepts its obligation to maintain an agent for service of process in the United States for no less than one year after either the grantee has permanently terminated all marketing and importation of the applicable equipment within the U.S., or the conclusion of any Commission-related administrative or judicial proceeding involving the equipment, whichever is later.

By signing this form, we confirm the above and that we are aware of the application requirements listed under § 2.911(d)(7).

The information provided in this letter is based on the referenced rule parts of Title 47 of the CFR as well as KDB 986446 D01. An expiration date for this letter does not exist. In case the U.S. agent changes, the grantee is obligated to notify the FCC within 30 days via the granting TCB.


Signature [Name] Ma Xiaoyong [Title] Manager [Company] Shenzhen Okexin Technology Co., Ltd.

48_[model] US_Agent_2.911(d)(7)-U, V04


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