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Kondo Kagaku Co., Ltd. R15MOD QH9R15MOD QH9R15MOD r15mod

Instructions for KO PROPO models including: QH9R15MOD EVO Double Receiver, QH9R15MOD, EVO Double Receiver, Double Receiver, Receiver

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Test Plan for each specific host:
This Module without the RF shielding and Voltage regulation
FCC CLAS II Permissive Change is needed for each new host configuration by the Grantee of KONDO KAGAKY CO.,LTD. (Grantee Code QH9).
Grantee (responsible party): Kondo Kagaku Co., Ltd. Address: 17-7 Higashi - Nippori 4 chome, Arakawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan Contact: Katsuhisa Nakazono Mail: [email protected] FRN: 0007358112
This limit wireless module antenna cannot be changed and that any change will require FCC Class II Permissive Change.
This limit wireless module installed in a new host needed to comply with FCC Part 15.249 C2PC shall comply the following requirement:
1. Confirm and document the continued compliance for the fundamentals under FCC Part 15.249 granted for the module.
2. Confirm and demonstrate with the radiated test that no additional parasitic, non compliant emissions exist due to ingress (parasitic oscillations, radiation of stray signals within a host, etc.), are present.
3. DC-DC Voltage regulation with 3.3V output must be integrated in the host as the module power supply.
The transmitter's power is measured as field strength, if the C2PC permissive change investigation indicates that the module's power has increased from the original filing test report, the manufacturer, lab, and TCB must investigate to determine if the initial module tested in a standalone module was improperly granted. The module may req uire a new FCC ID. An inquiry maybe submitted to review a specific case, but the PC can only be granted once the issue is resolved.
The host product manufacturer is responsible for compliance to any other FCC rules that apply to the host not covered by the modular transmitter grant of certification. And co-located with other transmitter is not permitted except the module grantee (Kondo Kagaku Co., Ltd.) performed the C2PC filing for each co-location.
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