D2. FCC Change in ID-New Grantee

Hock Alexander (XC-CE/PJM-PNA)

New Grantee Request Letter


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Robert Bosch LLC Error! Reference source not found. Federal Communication Commission Equipment Authorization Division, Application Processing Branch 7435 Oakland Mills Road Columbia, MD 21048 Subject: Request for a Change in Identification as per Section §2.933 of the FCC Rules Date: 04/24/2024

To The Commission,
This change in identification request applies for a new FCC ID as established in 47 CFR 2.933(b) for a currently approved device. This application by "Robert Bosch LLC" (Party A) will establish a new FCC ID under "2AMJSGEMBCMLV21DLIS" (Party A ­ FCC ID) for the purpose of marketing the device.
The original Grant of Equipment Authorization to "United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd." (Party B) with FCC ID: "2AMR2DLIS21" (Party B - FCC ID) will remain in effect. A permission letter by "United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd." (Party B) is also attached.
As per 2.933(b), we declare that the equipment is electrically identical and the only change is applicant information, product model name, brand name and the label on the device. The original test results are applicable and representative of this changed device;

Grantee Name
FCC ID Equipment Description: Model Issued Date

Original Grantee (Party B) United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd. 2AMR2DLIS21 Body Control Unit
GEM LV2.1 DLIS 2022.6.16

New Grantee (Party A) Robert Bosch LLC
GEM LV2.1 DLIS n/a

Sincerely, Name: Sam Beydoun

pki, BOSCH,

Digitally signed by pki, BOSCH, US, S, A,

US, S, A,



Date: 2024.05.09 09:33:47 -04'00'

Title: Product Area Leader


Date: 04/24/2024


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