Antenna Specification

Shenzhen Weikang JuLi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd K12 WIRELESS KARAOKE SPAKER 2BGRL-K12 2BGRLK12 k12

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1Hardware test 2Software testing 3Data read

Antenna test

1Hardware test 1.1 PCBA bare board test
Solder the RF cable to the bare board and connect it to the OTA device.
1.2 Equipment environment
The equipment required for this test includes computer, spectrometer, amplifier and darkroom, as shown below:

2Software testing

3Data read 3.1Scan the antenna for 3D radiation 2400MHz

2500MHz 3.2Scan the 2D radiation pattern of the antenna

3.3Detailed scan output data results

ITEM Model Name Antenna plate
Center Frequency
MAX. Gain Polarization Impedance Manufacture

2400MHz 0.67dBi


ANT SPEC 2.4G ANT PCB antenna 2450MHz -0.03dBi
0.83dBi Horizontal and Vertical

2500MHz -1.51dBi


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