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SM-351C & SM-353C Operation Manual

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Buffet Induction Cookware
The Evolution of Intelligent Design®
Spring USA® 127 Ambassador Drive
Suite 147 Naperville, IL 60540-4079 Phone: (1) 630-527-8600
Fax: 630-527-8677 Email: [email protected]

Operation Manual
Models: SM-351C 1 &
SM-353C (International)

Before You Begin:


Read the following instructions in their entirety.

Use proper cookware. Your cookware must be induction-ready.

Check your ventilation. Your MAX Induction® Range must have the proper ventilation in order to operate correctly. There must be at least 4" of space available around your induction range.

Ensure that you have dedicated power to the installed location. Verify the electrical requirements for your specific model induction range, as shown on Page 4.

Suitable Cookware

Stainless Steel Multi-Ply


Iron/Steel Frying Pan

Cast Iron

Aluminum Cookware with Induction Disc

Iron/Steel Tray

Unsuitable Cookware

Enameled Ware

Copper, Bronze Or Aluminum Cookware

Glass Cookware

Ceramic Cookware Without Special Coating

Pans with a Concave Bottom Bowl Shaped Cookware

Cookware with a Diameter of Less
Than 4.5"


The Evolution of Intelligent Design®

Reinforced, Tempered Glass Surface
Features SmartScan® Technology
Surface Responds Faster, Without Surges or Spikes in Temperature
Increased Efficiency
Easy to Read LCD Panel Readout
Tempered, BlackSmoked Glass Faceplate
Durable, Brushed Stainless Steel Body Design
Features Leveling Leg Design with NonSkid, Non-Scratch Base
Removable Mesh Air Filter
208-240 Volts ~ 60Hz
3500 Watts
(1) 630-527-8600

Safety Precautions:


Plug the power cord into a dedicated circuit. Note: Nothing else should be plugged into this circuit. Each MAX Induction® Range must have its own, sufficient power supply as outlined below. Once you have plugged the unit in, it will beep, and an `EO' code will appear in the display window.
To Begin:
Turn the unit on. An `EO' code will appear next in the digital window, indicating the induction range is searching for cookware.
Turn the knob clockwise to turn the unit on. Your MAX Induction® range will always start out in the "Cook" mode. "Cook" is the default mode.
Place suitable cookware within the circle on top of the MAX Induction® Range.
Select either the "Cook" Mode or the "Temp" Mode.

In "Cook" mode, turn the dial clockwise. The LED will display cook power levels of 1 thru 20.
In "Temp" mode, turn the dial clockwise. The LED will display temperature levels from 110° to 400° fahrenheit.

Turn the knob clockwise to set the power level or temperature.
To shut the induction range off, turn the knob counter clockwise until you hear the unit `click' and turn off.


Model # SM-351C

Voltage / Amps 208-220 Volts / 15 Amps

SM-353C 220-240 Volts / 16 Amps

Peak Power 3500 Watts ~ 60 Hz
3000 Watts ~ 50 Hz

Plug Type
NEMA 6-20P 6' Cord
CEE 7/7 16A 1.8 m Cord

All International Ranges ship with a CEE 7/7 16A plug. International plugs must be changed to match the national standard, based on country requirement.

Induction Range Error Codes:






Induction range does not sense Place an induction ready pan on

induction-ready cookware has the range.

been placed on the glass surface


Range has overheated due to

Clear vents, let range cool down,

blocked ventilation and has shut then restart. If error message

down the range.

continues, your range needs to be



The range has overheated.

Remove the cookware from the range and let the range cool. Make sure the vents are clear. Verify you are using induction-ready cookware. Once the range has cooled, restart.


Range will not turn on. Range is Review your dedicated power

experiencing temporary voltage requirements. Each range must

overload or is not on its own,

operate with the power required on

dedicated circuit.

Page 4.

Actual range temperatures may vary due to a number of variables, such as ambient temperature in the immediate surrounding area, content and volume of food being heated or cooked, and whether or not you are using a lid on the serving vessel.

Never attempt to service any part of your MAX Induction® Range on your own. Contact our Service Department by calling (1) 630-527-8600. Attempting to service your Induction Range on your own, or through an unauthorized repair facility automatically voids your warranty. For service forms, visit the Spring USA website.

For Limited Warranty Information, visit


This equipment uses, generates and can radiate radio frequency energy. If

not installed correctly and used in accordance with the instructions, may

cause harmful interference to radio communications. Users or guests with

Pacemakers should contact their health care professional prior to using this


(1) 630-527-8600

Maintaining Your MAX Induction® Range:

6 How To Operate:


Never touch the glass plate immediately after cooking. The surface of the cooktop may remain hot due to the heat transferred from the cookware.
Do not damage the glass surface of the induction range. If the glass plate is broken, turn the unit off and unplug it immediately. Call Spring USA at (1) 630-527-8600 for service or warranty. Be sure to have your Model # and Serial Number available when you contact our office or when completing the service form on the website.
To clean your MAX Induction® Range, unplug the unit from its power source. Wipe the unit down with a sponge or cloth with a mild dishwashing liquid. Dry with a clean, soft cloth.
Do not immerse the induction range directly in water for cleaning ­ this will damage the unit.
Remember to clean the vent located on the underside and at the back of the unit. Inspect the mesh air filter on the underside of the induction range, each day. If it is soiled, remove the filter and wash it with dish washing detergent. Dry and replace before operating the induction range.
Keep your induction range away from other ovens or stoves. If the surrounding temperature is hot, your induction range may stop heating.
Never set items such as metal utensils or keys on top of an induction range, as the range may sense the metal and begin to heat the object.
Spring USA is not responsible for poor performance or damage when ranges are used in conjunction with non-approved materials.
Our Induction ranges have been designed and tested using Spring USA Professional Cookware and Vessels. Spring USA cannot guarantee the performance of other Vendors' equipment being used with our MAX Induction® Ranges.
As a safety precaution, make sure you have at least 4" of space at the back of the Induction range. Induction ranges need ventilation to operate efficiently.

Your MAX Induction® Range is designed to operate in two modes: "Cook" or "Temp".
"Cook" Mode offers you high-speed heating, used for sautéing, omelet stations, pasta bars or demonstration cooking.
"Temp" Mode offers you thermostatically controlled holding temperatures for use with soups, sauces, buffets or pastry work. The LED display allows for more accurate temperature selection.
In "Cook" Mode: An `E0' code will flash until suitable cookware is placed on the glass surface of the range. The LED panel will display a two-digit number indicating the power level. Power levels run from 1 thru 20. As a safety precaution, if no cookware is placed on the induction range plate after 2-1/2 minutes, the unit will shut off. Once suitable cookware has been placed on the glass induction plate, the unit will continue to cook until the range is manually shut down, or the mode is changed over to "Temp" mode.
Note: As a safety precaution, make sure you have at least 4" of space at the back of the Induction range. Induction ranges need ventilation to operate efficiently.
In "Temp" Mode: An `E0' code will flash until suitable cookware is placed on the glass surface of the range. The LED panel will display a three-digit number indicating the temperature setting. To increase the temperature setting, turn the dial clockwise. To decrease the setting, turn the dial to the counter-clockwise. The induction range will continue to warm the food until the set temperature has been reached. Once the temperature has been reached, the range will maintain that pre-selected temperature setting. Temperature settings in "Temp" mode, in Fahrenheit are: 110°, 120°, 130°, 140°, 150°, 160°, 170°, 180°, 190°, 200°, 220°, 240°, 260°, 280°, 300°, 320°, 340°, 380° & 400°. Celsius: 43°, 49°, 54°, 60°, 66°, 71°, 77°, 82°, 88°, 93°, 104°, 116°, 127°, 138°, 149°, 160°, 171°, 182°, 193° & 204°.

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