RF Exposure Evaluation

Shenzhen xiaoma supply chain technology co., ltd X28 MINISO Wireless Earbud 2A83K-X28 2A83KX28 x28

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FCC ID: 2A83K-X28

Product Name

: MINISO Wireless Earbud

Model Name

: X28, X32,X33,X35,X68,X69,X80,X81,X82,X83,X85

Bluetooth Version

: BT 5.4

Operating frequency : 2402-2480MHz

Numbers of Channel : 79 channels for BDR

Antenna Type

: Ceramic Antenna

Antenna Gain

: 2.7dBi

Type of Modulation Power supply Hardware Version Software Version

Battery: Li-ion Battery: 501015 : Rated Voltage: 3.7V Rated Capacity:50mAh
: A38-5636E-V1_1
V02_L-9A2B74F6_3572C6FD :

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Standard Requirement

According to § 15.247(i) and § 1.1307b(1), systems operating under the provisions of this

section shall be operated in a manner that ensures that the public is not exposed to radio

frequency energy levels in excess of the Commission's guidelines. See KDB 447498 D01

General RF Exposure Guidance v06, section 4. 3. 1.

The 1-g and 10-g SAR test exclusion thresholds for 100MHz to 6GHz at test separation

distances  50mm are determined by:

[ (max. power of channel, including tune-up tolerance, mW)/(min. test separation distance,

mm)]*[ f(GHz)] 3.0 for 1-g SAR and 7.5 for 10-g SAR extremity SAR, where  f(GHz) is the RF channel transmit frequency in GHz  Power and distance are rounded to the nearest mW and mm before calculation  The result is rounded to one decimal place for comparison.

The test exclusions are applicable only when the minimum test separation distance is 

50mm and for transmission frequencies between 100MHz and 6GHz. When the minimum test

separation distance is <5mm, a distance of 5mm is applied to determine SAR test exclusion.

Routine SAR evaluation refers to that specifically required by § 2.1093, using measurements

or computer simulation. When routine SAR evaluation is not required, portable transmitters

with output power greater than the applicable low threshold require SAR evaluation to quality

for TCB approval.

Channel (MHz)

Maximum output power (dBm)

Tune up tolerance

Max Tune Up Power

Distance Calculation (mm) results


Operating Mode



5.65±1 4.623810


1.433232 3


According to KDB 447498, no stand-alone required for BT antenna, and no simultaneous SAR

measurement is required.


Simon Pu Manager Date: 2024-06-04

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