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MAGFAST SBNP-NPK-LC-UU-PP-AW-01 Changing - Fig palm-sized powerhouse. Life feels great in your hand. This everyday charger packs two to four full smartphone charges, wired or wireless. perfect with all your devices. Any phone, any tablet, any reader, from any brand, old or new. Snap-to-Charge. Each MAGFAST charger works with every other, always, everywhere Wireless means wireless. The latest Qi­ certified wireless charging tech. Not fewer wires. No wires LEARN MORE Videos, feature deep-dives, support, specs, warranty. The secrets of Life await. MAGFAST SBNP-NPK-LC-UU-PP-AW-01 Changing - Fig1 Touch ON Simply tap the  symobol to turn on your Charger and chek the power level . The Leds stay on and life stary ready to charge for one full minite. 5ways to get power OUT MAGFAST SBNP-NPK-LC-UU-PP-AW-01 Changing - Fig2MAGFAST SBNP-NPK-LC-UU-PP-AW-01 Changing - Fig3


Power on and place your device on MAGFAST SBNP-NPK-LC-UU-PP-AW-01 Changing - Fig4 Center carefully for the fastest charge.  MAGFAST SBNP-NPK-LC-UU-PP-AW-01 Changing - Fig5 Charging with WIRES Touch then pluge in any Usb - a or -c Cable QUICKSTART GUIDE Welcome to the MAGFAST'Family! If you're looking for help getting started with yougorgeous new MAGFAST charger or power bankthere's a QuickStart guide just for you at: YOUR SAFETY PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE GUIDE BEFORE FIRST USING YOUR NEW MAGFAST PRODUCT. Your safety is our first priority. Our goal here isn't just to cover the minimum information required by law but to provide context and education about how to stay safe using electronic products. CUSTOMER SERVICE [email protected] +1 (863) 624-3278

SAFETY STARTS HERE Here are some important points about charging safety. There's more information on how to handle electronics safely in the SAFETY  PECIFICS section that follows on the next page. Warning icon Relatively Safe: Low Voltages The output from chargers and power banks for small, portable devices is low voltage. That means electric shocks are unlikely  during normal handling of a phone, a tablet or   MAGFAST power bank. Your MAGFAST charger might, depending on the type of device it's charging, deliver 5, 9, 15 or 20V (volts).  However, the battery inside your  ower bank must be treated with care (see below) and you must never open up a charging device-it's sealed for a reason. WRINING Handle with Care: High Voltages and Batteries The output from most domestic electrical sockets is 110 to 240 volts. That's always enough to deliver a nasty shock, and can even cause injury or death, and it is important to   reat electricity with respect. Because chargers that plug into a wall outlet (such as MAGFAST Wall" or any AC adapter/power brick) handle both high-voltage electricity in   nd low-voltage power out, there's a real danger if they are damaged in any way. All power banks include batteries, which are dangerous if exposed to direct heat or if   amaged. Batteries contain chemicals that can be highly toxic and may burn you, and  hich can explode if crushed, heated or exposed to excessive temperatures. MAGFAST Extreme"" has a special 12 volt port at one end capable of delivering over 500 amps. This is a major feature, one that allows Extreme to offer both low-voltage  SB (C& A)  wired and Qi Wireless charging and high-amperage output to jump-start a vehicle. As you can imagine, this high-power port needs to be used very carefully:  ever   oke any object into the 12V/500+A charging receptacle, and only ever use the optional MAGFAST jumper cables which are specifically designed for use with MAGFAST Extreme.


Which safety information is relevant to the MAGFAST product I own? The details below fall into four different groups, providing safety and compliance information for:
1. ALL products in the MAGFAST family Wall, Extreme, Life, Air, Road, Time, Tips, Mini-Cables,  umpers
2. MAG FAST products powered by plugging into domestic 110-240V  ower Wall
3. MAGFAST products with a battery Extreme, Life, Road, Time
4. MAG FAST products with a jump-start capability Extreme

1. INFORMATION FOR ALL PRODUCTS IN THE MAGFAST FAMILY The safety and certification details in this section relate to all products in the MAGFAST family' MAGFAST Wall", Extreme", Life", Air", Road" and Time". Staying Safe. For the safety of anyone using your MAGFAST charger, keep t away from caustic or corrosive materials. Avoid exposure to heat sources, including direct sunlight, which may   use damage to your MAGFAST product. NEVER operate any MAGFAST product if it is wet. NEVER operate any MAGFAST product if it has been dropped  or damaged. NEVER under any circumstances attempt to open the case of your MAGFAST product. It can be dangerous and will void all product warranties. There are no user- erviceable  components inside. Incorrect disassembly or re-assembly could risk fire or electric shock. If your product is broken or damaged, recycle it or take it to a suitable   arty for safe disposal. If your product is covered by warranty, return it to MAGFAST for repair or replacement. Medical Devices All MAGFAST chargers and power banks contain magnets that may interfere with medical devices. Internal cardiac devices (pacemakers and defibrillators) and vagus nerve   timulators (VNS) include magnetic sensors. You must keep all MAGFAST products more than 12 inches (30 cm) away from any medical device. Contact your physician or   edical device manufacturer for additional information on using their equipment in the proximity of magnets and/or other electronic devices. Magnetic Fields The magnets and Qi Wireless coils can degrade the magnetic strips on bank cards and other magnetic data storage devices (so watch those beloved 8-track tapes) Notices FC ICON Fcc compliance Statement This equipment has been tested and complies with all regulations of an U.S. FCC Part 15, Class B, digital device. FCC compliant operation means two things:This device should not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device musaccept any interference received, including  nterference that may Cause undesired operation. The limits for Part 15 of the FCC Regulations are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio  communications. It is unlikely, but there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio  r television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures

Changes or modifications to this product not authorized by MAG FAST could void the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and wireless compliance and will negate your authority to operate the product. This product has demonstrated EMC compliance under conditions that included the use of compliant peripheral devices and shielded cables between system components. It is important that you use compliant peripheral devices and shielded cables between system components to reduce the possibility of causing interference to radios, televisions, and other electronic devices.

CE SYMBOL European Community We Shenzhen QiAo Communication Tech Co., Ltd, hereby declare that this device is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive  014/53/EU. This product can be used across EU  member states without restriction. beko ATP 5100 Air Purifier - icon12 Recycling All MAGFAST equipment is designed to serve you for a long time. When it's time for it to move on, please repurpose or recycle. NEVER discard components with lithium- on nor lithium-polymer batteries in household trash. his product is manufactured with high quality materials and components which can be recycled and reused. Dustbin Icon European Union Disposal Information According to many local laws and regulations, your product and/or its battery must be disposed of separately from household waste. When this product reaches its end of  ife,  take it to a collection point designated by local authorities.  he separate collection and recycling of your product and/or  ts battery at the time of disposal will help  onserve natural  resources and ensure that it is recycled in a manner that protects human health and the environment. California Proposition 65 This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

INFORMATION FOR MAGFAST PRODUCTS POWERED BY PLUGGING INTO DOMESTIC 110·240V POWER Unlike other products in the family, MAGFAST Wall uses 'high­ voltage' domestic power. If you have a MAGFAST Wall charger, you should read the safety information in this  ection as well as the safety information above for ALL MAG FAST products. Notices See product labels for various compliance and safety listings and certifications. Scan the MAGFAST Fingerprint" on any MAGFAST product for detailed information. Safety and Usage Unlike other products in the MAGFAST family, Wall includes a transformer to convert residential power (110-240V AO) to the much lower power used by USB devices (5-20V DC). There are components on the high-voltage side and separate circuitry to drive the low-voltage output, and Wall must comply with spacing requirements to prevent arcing and other dangers. DO NOT insert any foreign objects into MAGFAST Wall--only the plugs for which each outlet was designed. DO NOT plug Wall into any external power if it is damaged. MAGFAST Wall is designed for use with standard 110V US outlets. For best results, the double outlet should be vertical, with the two outlets positioned one above the other. DO NOT attempt to use Wall with any other type of outlet. Wall won't plug into a Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) power outlet because the spacing between sockets is different from the standard; these outlets are typically used in kitchens and bathrooms. Wall is also not compatible with 240V outlets which use a different format INFORMATION FOR MAGFAST PRODUCTS WITH A BATTERY All MAGFAST power banks contain a battery inside. This information relates to MAGFAST Extreme, Life, Road and Time. If you have one of these products, you should read the safety information in this section as well as the safety information above for ALL MAGFAST products. Aircraft Safety All MAGFAST power banks comply with all FAA requirements and limits on battery size for air travel in the USA. The aviation authorities in other countries set different standards and you must check the battery capacity and usage requirements before boarding an aircraft with a power bank in your hand luggage or packing a power bank in your checked luggage.

[i] operating safety Heat and cold may adversely impact performance and may affect the safety of your battery Exposing a product containing a battery to open flames or excessive temperatures  may cause It to explode. The Charging Temperature range :0~40 ℃ For more information on suitable and safe operating temperatures, see If your MAGFAST power bank is swollen leaking fluid,or generating an unpleasant smell discard it immediately at a suitable service center. Don't attempt to replace a MAGFAST power-bank battery yourself-you could damage the battery or the battery circuitry, which could in turn cause overheating, fire, and injuryMAGFAST power banks typically contain lithium-ion-polymer (otherwise known as lithium-polymer) batteries, and these should be serviced or recycled by MAGFAST or a service center equipped to handle lithium-ion-polymer batteries safely Batteries must be recycled or disposed of separately from household or standard commercial waste. Dispose of batteries according to your local environmental laws, regulations and guidelines. For information about MAGFAST batteries, battery service, disposal and recycling, visit

INFORMATION FOR MAGFAST PRODUCTS WITH A JUMP-START CAPABILITY MAGFAST Extreme used in conjunction with optional MAGFAST jumper cables is able to jump-start a vehicle. We've tested this capability with gasoline (petrol) engines up to 5 liters and diesel engines up to 3 liters. You should not attempt to start larger engines. If you have a MAGFAST Extreme charger, you should read the safety information in this section as well as the safety information above for ALL MAGFAST products. Jump-starting a vehicle requires great care and attention at all times. The 12V/500+A port on MAGFAST Extreme provides a very powerful burst of energy, enough to turn over a heavy engine and must be used with great caution. MAGFAST has added a  eries of safety measures, including use of high quality lithium-polymer batteries in our power banks. Lithium-polymer   s generally considered a safer option than lithium-ion.   have also added silicone insulating tips to the ends of the connectors on the 12V/500+A port. nevertheless, you must never poke any object into this area. You must only use MAGFAST jumper cables, which include a built-in safety mechanism to handle reverse polarity (accidentally connecting the clamps to the wrong terminals). NEVER use non-MAGFAST jumper cables. Incorrect or misconnected cables could cause the Extreme battery to overheat or explode. Once the jumper cables have been plugged into the 12V/500+A outlet on MAG FAST Extreme do not let the clamps touch each other or touch any metal objects other than the battery terminals and engine block as described below. Letting the clamps touch could cause a short-circuit which could damage Extreme or cause injury. After a successful jump-start, wait at least 15 minutes before jump-starting another vehicle using the same Extreme power bank. DO NOT charge MAG FAST Extreme immediately after jump-starting any vehicle. Wait at least 15 minutes before charging Extreme after a jump start. DO NOT use Extreme or your Jumpers for another jump­ start, if either are still warm. There's more information online at

LEGAL STUFF MAGFAST', Wall", Extreme", Life", Air", Road", Time", LEDelicious"" and Fingerprint" are trademarks of Mischievous LLC and licensed by MAGFAST. Patent, warranty and other legal information at: This guide copvnight 2021 MAGFAST LLC All rights reserved CCOM 21 04 A warning 2CAUTION/MISE EN GARDE:
  1. Risk Of Electric Shock, Do Not Remove Cover.
  2. No User Serviceable Parts Inside. Refer Servicing to Qualified Service Personnel
  3. This device is not intended for use in a commercial repair facility
  4. This device is intended to be used indoors only. Do not use outdoors.
  5. Risk of Injury To Persons. Do not use this product if the power cord or the battery cables are damaged in any way.

WARNING/ATTENTION a) Do not overcharge the internal battery - See Instruction Manual. b) Do not smoke, strike a match, or cause a spark in the vicinity of the power pack. c) Only charge the internal battery in a well ventilated area. surface of the device must be respected. d) RF warning for WPT device:The equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. During the operation of device a  istance of 15cm surrounding the device and 20 cm above the top  surface of the device must be respected. Dustbin IconDisposal of the Old Device This symbol indicates that the relevant electrical product or battery should not be disposed of as general household waste in Europe. To ensure the correct waste treatment of  he product and battery, please dispose them in accordance  to any applicable local laws of requirement or disposal of electrical equipment or batteries. In so doing, you will  elp to conserve natural resources and improve standards of environmental protection  in treatment and disposal of electrical waste(Waste Electrical and ElectronicEquipment Directive).

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LIFE DRESS SBNP NPK LC UU PP AW 01 BACK 2 0518 DELL 06 LabelSmpl US MAGFAST LLC Wireless charger portable power bank 2A2Y4 2A2Y4LIFE life
4.8 mm 8.9 mm 10.5 mm 4.8 mm 3.3 mm 25.9 mm TM 3.4 mm 25.5 mm BACK - SIDE SILK PRINTING PMS 421C L215- 31.5 mm 61.4 mm 10.9 mm To charge this power bank wirelessly, FPO LASER PRINTING 69.9 mm 41.5 mm FPO LASER PRINTING 10.6 mm center this side down on any Qi charger. FPO 13.8 mm 6.8 mm ...
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