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IVA 5015 Digital Single Beam Active Sensor

Congratulations, you just have purchased a product with Intelbras quality and safety. IVA 5015 Digital sensor was developed with a digital circuit for signal processing that can identify the pair of transmitter-receiver more effectively in order to avoid external interferences. It can be installed at indoor, half-open or outdoor environments without performance loss, preventing false shots in several applications. This sensor is able to quickly identify beam obstruction and activate the circuit responsible for operation, in an alarm circuit or pinch protection. Read the product introductory information carefully for the correct use of sensors.

Caution and safety

Note: it is not recommended to cross install two pairs of sensors, as shown in the image above, in application where an obstacle may cause reflection to the infrared beam, as a car, for example.

Technical specifications

Power supply voltage 12 ~ 24 Vdc
Consumption current ≤50 mA @ 12 Vdc
Reach Internal External 30 m 15 m
Alarm outlet Configurable NO/NC output 1 A @ 24 Vdc 1 A @ 127 Vac
Relay opening time 1s or 2,5s ± 10%
Response time 50 ms
Alignment indication LED alignment (green)
Shot indication Shot LED (red)
Solar filter for outdoor environments Yes
Operating temperature -10 ºC to + 55 ºC
IP Protection level IP55
Colors Black
Size (W × H × D) 48,5 × 25 × 76,5 mm


intelbras IVA 5015 Digital Single Beam Active Sensor - Product Overview

1. Transmitter 2. Receiver 3. Front cover 4. Sealing rubber 5. Orifice for fixing screws 6. Cable passage 7. Lenses 8. Terminal block TX 9. Terminal block RX 10. Orifice for fixing screws


  1. Before starting to install, it is necessary to define the distance for the IVA 5015 Digital sensor. We recommend to install this sensor in a place higher or equal to 50 cm from the floor and the maximum distance between TX and RX must be 15 cm for outdoor environments and 30 m for indoor environments; Note: in outdoor environments with high mist or rain rate, install the sensor at max 50% from the specified distance for outdoor environments. For correct installation, follow the procedure.intelbras IVA 5015 Digital Single Beam Active Sensor - environments
  2. If there area more than one IVA 5015 Digital infrared transmission (TX) source at the installation location, follow the vertical protection distance (VPD) and the horizontal protection distance (HPD), according the following table, in order to prevent interference to the receiver (RX);
    Distance between RX and TX
    5 m 10 m 15 m
    Horizontal protection distance (HPD) 0,8 m 1,6 m 2,4 m
    Vertical protection distance (VPD) 1,1 m 1,6 m 2,2 m
    intelbras IVA 5015 Digital Single Beam Active Sensor - Distance
  3. Open the sensor removing the bolts in the front part;intelbras IVA 5015 Digital Single Beam Active Sensor - removing the bolts
  4. Remove the front cover pulling forward;intelbras IVA 5015 Digital Single Beam Active Sensor - cover pulling
  5. Pass the cable through the orifice and connect it to the terminal block;intelbras IVA 5015 Digital Single Beam Active Sensor - terminal block
  6. Attach the receiver and transmitter using two screw passage points located in the product base, at a height equal or higher than 50 cm from the floor with the cable passage faced down, the indication arrows at the base must be faced up;intelbras IVA 5015 Digital Single Beam Active Sensor - indication arrows
  7. Turn on the power supply according to the polarity indicated in the receiver and transmitter board (12 ~ 24 Vdc), this sensor has a reverse polarity protection;
  8. Connect the alarm wires in the gate controlling board or in the alarm center zone input; Note: check in the gate manual or alarm center, which is the connection mode is used. An example of connection to Intelbras alarm center is shown below.intelbras IVA 5015 Digital Single Beam Active Sensor - Intelbras alarm center
  9. After installing, check the correct operation cutting the beams, obstruct the beams with hand or any kind of shield, and check if the receiver triggers, observing the alarm signal through red LED and relay activation. The relay (alarm) outlet can be adjusted according to NO or NC application and the relay opening time can be set as 1s or 2.5 s. In case o use with alarm center, it is recommended to use with a timing of 2.5 s. » Relay output: NA (normally open) factory standard. » Relay opening time: 1st factory pattern.intelbras IVA 5015 Digital Single Beam Active Sensor - Receiver
    Condition Recommendation
    Transmitter Transmitting Green LED on
    Receiver Ok Alignment Green LED
    Improve alignment Flashing green LED
    Alarm (clogged sensor) Red LED on
  10. To close the sensor, attach the front cover and then, insert and tighten the screws as shown in the image below:intelbras IVA 5015 Digital Single Beam Active Sensor - attach the front cover

Term of Warranty

It is expressed that this contractual warranty is granted according to the following conditions: Customer name: Customer’s signature: Tax Invoice No. Date of Purchase: Model: Serial No.: Retailer

  1. All parts, pieces and components of this product are warranted against any manufacturing defects, which may arise within a period of 1 (one) year - being 90 (ninety) days of legal warranty and 9 (nine) months subject to contractual warranty - from the date when the Customer purchased the product, according to the product purchase tax invoice, which is an integral part of this Term throughout the Brazilian territory. This contractual warranty expressly includes the product exchanges in case of manufacturing defect. If no manufacturing defect is confirmed, but there is a failure due to improper use, the Customer shall bear any of these incurred expenses.
  2. The product must be installed according to the Product Manual and/or Installation Guide. If your product requires to be installed and configured by a skilled technician, your should seek for a reliable and skilled professional, but the costs of such services are not included in the product price.
  3. Once the defect is confirmed, the Customer shall contact immediately the nearest Authorized Service listed in the report provided by the manufacturer, they are the only professionals authorized to check and remedy the defect within the warranty term provided herein. It it is not observed, the warranty is void, characterized as product infringement.
  4. Eventually, if the Customer requests service at home, he/she may contact the nearest Authorized Service to ask for fee quotation of a technical visit. If it is necessary to withdraw the product to be repaired, the incurred expenses such as transportation and insurance costs, including taking and return after repaired, are under responsibility of the customer.
  5. The warranty will be entirely voided if any of the following cases occur: a) if the defect is not due to manufacturing, but caused by the Customer or by third parties foreign to the manufacturer; b) if the product damages are caused by accident, disasters, agents of nature (lightning, flooding, landslide, etc.), humidity, network voltage, over-voltage caused by accident or excessive network voltage fluctuations), installation/use in disagreement with the user’s manual or due to natural wear of parts, pieces and components; c) if the product had suffered any effects of chemical, electromagnetic, electric or animal (insects, etc.) nature; d) if the product serial number was altered or erased; and e) if the appliance is flawed.
  6. This warranty does not cover data loss, therefore, in case of a product, it is advisable to the Customer to regularly make secure backup of the product data.
  7. Intelbras is not liable for the installation of this product, as well as eventual attempts of fraud and/or sabotage in their products. Keep software and applications up to date, and if necessary, the required network protections against intrusions (hackers). The equipment is warranted against defects under normal conditions of use, and it is important to bear in mind that, because it is an electronic equipment, it is not protected from attempts of frauds or misleading actions that may interfere in its correct operation,
  8. After its useful life, the product must be delivered to an Intelbras authorized support service or perform environmentally proper final disposal in order to avoid environmental or health impacts. If you prefer, useless cells and batteries as well as other Intelbras branded electronic appliances may be disposed at any Green Eletron collection points (electro-electronic residues management company to which we are associated). If you have any questions about the reverse logistics process, contact us by phone (48) 2106-0006 or 0800 704 2767 (from Monday to Friday at 8 AM to 8 PM, and on Saturday at 8 AM to 6 PM) or via e-mail [email protected].
Also under these supplementary Term of Warranty, Intelbras S/A reserves the right to alter general, technical or aesthetics features without prior notice. All images in this manual are for illustrative purposes only.

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