Windmill W1W12 Air Conditioner Installation Guide


Windmill W1W12 Air Conditioner


A few things before you get started

Safety first

General Installation Warnings & Cautions

Electrical Warnings & Cautions

Window Requirements


What’s in the box

The Windmill AC

Cosmetic panels Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-7 SMALL STUFF TOOLS

Insulate your window

WHAT YOU NEED Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-15 Step 1. Insulate your window.

Lift the AC into the window

WHAT YOU NEED Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-21 Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-22 Together with your helper, lift the assembled AC into the window frame.Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-23

Make sure someone is holding the back of the unit securely. Properly position the bottom bar BEHIND the inside window sill.Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-24 Make sure someone is holding the back of the unit securely  Vinyl Windows Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-25 If you have storm windows, additional window setup is required. Otherwise, the unit will tilt into the room (which could damage your floor and the unit). Please visit Close the window down onto the AC, BEHIND the top bar. Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-26

Secure the AC

WHAT YOU NEED Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-27Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-28 Use the side panels to fit the AC to the window.

Secure the AC using the included 1/2 inch screws.Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-30 Fill the center hole on the front frame with the included rubber plug.Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-31

Cut and attach the cosmetic panels

WHAT YOU NEED Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-32Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-33 Determine the width of your side panels.Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-34

Find the corresponding number on your cosmetic panels.Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-35 Insert the trimmed side panels into the front frame. Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-36 Snap the prongs into place. Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-37

Lock and insulate your window

WHAT YOU NEED Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-38Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-39 Option 1: Wood windows.

Option 2: Vinyl windows. CAUTION: For vinyl or similar windows, attach the bracket to the side jamb of the window (not the window itself). See diagram above. This will help avoid broken glass and window damage. Cut the non-adhesive insulation foam to fit the width of your window.Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-42 Use the nonadhesive foam to fill the gaps in your window.Windmill-W1W12-Air-Conditioner-FIG-43 That’s it for installation! Just a few more things to check over, and then you can relax.

Some other things you may want to know.

Connect your Windmill AC to your smartphone.

How to help the environment and save on your energy bill To remove your AC from the window
  1. Turn off the AC and unplug the power cord.
  2. Take out the insulation foam between the top and bottom window sashes.
  3. Unscrew all screws securing the AC and side panels to the window frame or sill.
  4. Remove the end caps and cosmetic panels.
  5. Then, slide the side panels back in, towards the unit.
  6. Place a plastic bag or towel on the floor under the unit (in case there is water in the unit from normal operation).
  7. With a helper, hold on to the back of the unit securely.
  8. Raise the window and slide the unit inside the room.
  9. Carefully lift the unit onto the floor. To avoid getting water in your home, do not tilt the front of the unit downward.

Windmill comes with a one year limited warranty

To register your AC or learn about how to make a warranty claim, go to

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[pdf] Guide
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