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IVP 1000 Pet SF Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

IVP 1000 Pet SF Wireless passive infrared motion sensor Congratulations, you have just purchased a product with Intelbras quality and safety. The IVP 1000 Pet SF motion sensor features passive infrared ray detection technology, with advanced signal analysis technology that prevents accidental triggering.

Care and safety

Scan (top view)intelbras IVP 1000 Pet SF Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor - fig 5Detection range (side view)intelbras IVP 1000 Pet SF Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor - fig 6

Technical specifications

Operating voltage 3 Vdc
Battery LITHIUM CR123A
Operating current 14 mA
Consumption at rest 4 uA
Detection angle 90°
Detection range 12 meters
Detection method RIP
Immunity to crawling animals Up to 20 kg
Ssensitivity adjustment 3 levels (1P-2P-3P)
Startup time Up to 60 seconds
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Transmission frequency 433.92 MHz
Transmission distance Up to 100m without barriers
Modulation OK
Installation height range 2.0 to 2.4 meters
Recommended installation height 2.1 meters
Dimensions (W x H x D) 50 x 75 x 42mm
Weight 0,047 Kg



intelbras IVP 1000 Pet SF Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor - fig 7

1. Front Cover 2. Fresnel lens 3. PROG button 4. Sensitivity selector switch 5. LED trigger 6. PIR sensor 7. Battery connector 8. Antenna 9. Basis 10. Screw seal

Sensor opening

To access the IVP 1000 Pet SF sensor board for battery change or configuration, squeeze the base latch, located at the bottom. See image below:intelbras IVP 1000 Pet SF Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor - fig 8

Sensor stabilization

After inserting the battery, the sensor goes into stabilization mode and the red LED flashes for a few seconds. When stabilization is complete, the red LED will stop flashing.

IVP 1000 Pet SF sensor registration

To register the sensor in the control panel, check the procedure in the manual of the control panel used and trigger a trigger by moving in front of the sensor or press the PROG button located on the sensor board. Note: do not register the sensor in the control unit during the stabilization time.


After identifying the best installation location, follow the recommendations:


Once installed and running, walk across the area to be protected simulating a possible intrusion into the environment. Check if the sensor is able to detect your movements during the course, through the Red LED (triggering). Adjust the sensitivity if necessary or reposition the sensor. Be sure to take all precautions and follow installation recommendations to get the best operating performance from your product.intelbras IVP 1000 Pet SF Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor - fig 11Note: if the control panel used is Intelbras, put it in test mode, this way it will not be necessary to observe the LED, as the control panel will indicate the functioning of the sensor through siren beeps. For more information, consult the central manual on the website:

Sensor configuration

After the sensor is properly installed, perform the adjustments according to the information below:9.1. IVP 1000 Pet SF sensor sensitivity adjustment The selector switch (CH1) is used to control the detection sensitivity where it is possible to adjust the 3 detection levels.

9.2. IVP 1000 Pet SF sensor operation mode After being energized, the sensor will operate during the test period for 15 minutes so that the installer can make all adjustments to the sensor’s positioning. During this period, at any movement detection, the LED lights up and a trigger is generated. Then the sensor will operate in economy mode.

This ability to learn from the movement of the environment means that in places with a lot of movement, periodic and non-continuous shots are generated, in turn, saving battery life.intelbras IVP 1000 Pet SF Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor - fig 13

Low battery sensor

The IVP 1000 Pet SF sensor controls the battery level and if it is critical it sends the information to the control panel during triggering. In addition, the sensor also signals through the LED, after each activation of the sensor the LED lights up (as usual) and then flashes indicating low battery. Use only quality batteries with the correct sizing for the device, and with typical use of the device, the expected battery life is 1 to 2 years, which may be influenced by the number of activations, weather conditions and mode of settings. The battery model must be CR123A 3V, using one (1) battery per sensor.

Battery replacement

To replace the product’s battery:

intelbras IVP 1000 Pet SF Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor - icon 1This equipment is not entitled to protection against harmful interference and may not cause interference in properly authorized systems. This is a product approved by Anatel, the approval number can be found on the product label, for queries go to the website:

Warranty term

It is established that this warranty is granted upon the following conditions: Client’s name: Client’s signature: Invoice number: Date of purchase: Model: Retailer: Serial number:

  1. All the parts, pieces and components of the product are guaranteed against possible manufacturing defects, which may arise, for the term of 1 (one) year - this being 90 (ninety) days of legal warranty and 9 (nine) months of contractual warranty –, counting from the date of purchase of the product by the Consumer, as appears in the product purchase bill of sale, which is an integral part of this Term throughout the domestic territory. This contractual warranty includes the free exchange of parts, pieces and components which have a manufacturing defect, including the expenses with labor used in this repair. If there is no manufacturing defect, but defect(s) arising from misuse, the Consumer shall bear these expenses.
  2. The installation of the product shall be executed in accordance with the Product Manual and/or Installation Guide. If your product requires the installation and configuration by a qualified technician, seek a suitable specialized professional, the costs of these services not being included in the product amount.
  3. Having perceived the defect, the Consumer shall immediately contact the nearest Authorized Service which appears in the report offered by the manufacturer – they are the only ones authorized to examine and remedy the defect during the warranty term foreseen herein. If this is not respected, this warranty shall lose its validity, as it shall be characterized as product infringement.
  4. If the Consumer requests home service, it shall contact the nearest Authorized Service to inquire about the technical visit rate. If it is necessary to remove the product, the ensuing expenses, such as those of transportation and insurance of the taking and return of the product, shall be the Consumer’s responsibility.
  5. The warranty shall lose its validity totally in the occurrence of any of the following cases: a) if the defect is not one of manufacture, but is caused by the Consumer or by third parties foreign to the manufacturer; b) if the damage to the product arises from accidents, disasters, agents of nature (lightning, floods, landslides, etc.), humidity, voltage in the electrical network (excess voltage caused by accidents or excessive fluctuations in the network), installation/use in disagreement with the user’s manual or arising from natural wear of the parts, pieces and components; c) if the product has undergone effects of a chemical, electromagnetic, electrical or animal (insects, etc.) nature; d) if the serial number of the product has been falsified or erased; e) if the appliance has been infringed.
  6. This warranty does not cover loss of data; therefore, it is advisable that if it is the case of the product, the Consumer makes a backup regularly of the data which appears in the product.
  7. Intelbras is not responsible for the installation of this product, or for possible attempts at fraud and/or sabotage in its products. Maintain the updates of the software and applications used up-to-date, if it is the case, as well as the network protection required for defense against hackers. The equipment is guaranteed against defects in its usual conditions of use, it being important to bear in mind that, as it is electronic equipment, it Is not free of fraud and scams which may interfere with its correct functioning.
  8. After its useful life, the product must be delivered to an authorized Intelbras service center or directly disposed of in an environmentally appropriate manner to avoid environmental and health impacts. If you prefer, the battery, as well as other unused Intelbras brand electronics, can be disposed of at any Green Eletron collection point (waste management facility to which we are associated). If you have any questions about the reverse logistics process, please contact us at (48) 21060006 or 0800 704 2767 (Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturdays 8am to 6pm) or via -mail [email protected].
These being the conditions of this complementary Warranty Term, Intelbras S/A reserves the right to alter the general, technical and esthetic features of its products without prior notice. All the images of this manual are illustrative. Product benefiting from the Legislation of Informatics.

intelbras logointelbras IVP 1000 Pet SF Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor - icon 2Customer Support: intelbras IVP 1000 Pet SF Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor - icon 3(48) 2106 0006 Forum: Support via chat: Support via e-mail: [email protected] Customer Service: 0800 7042767 Where to buy? Who installs it? 0800 7245115 Produced by: Intelbras S/A Rodovia BR 459, km 124, 1325 Distrito Industrial Santa Rita do Sapucaí/MG 37540-000 CNPJ 82.901.000/0016-03 Made in Brazil

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