Schok LLC

6.745 HD+,TFT, display 60Hz - Smartphone

Cellular Capability: 3G, 4G

Certifications & Resources

Device Name Model Certification Type Certification Date
SV67Q SV67332 6.745 HD+,TFT, display 60Hz Bluetooth 2024-01-18
Schok Volt SV67Q SV67332 Wi-Fi 2024-02-07
Wi-Fi Certification Details
Frequency Band2.4 GHz; 5 GHz
Operating SystemAndroid
Wi-Fi HardwareIQ interface
SV67332 SV67332 PTCRB N/A
PTCRB Certification Details
Manufacturer: Schok, LLC.
Model Name/Number: SV67332
Technologies and Bands:
E-UTRA TDD: Band 41  
E-UTRA FDD: Band 2   Band 4   Band 5   Band 12   Band 13   Band 25   Band 26   Band 28   Band 66   Band 71  
UMTS FDD: Band II   Band IV   Band V  

Documents - schok – sv67332,SV67332
[pdf] Confidentiality Request Letter
Declaration of Authorization hbreevoort authorization SCHOK LLC SV67Q Smartphone 2AM9L 2AM9LSV67Q sv67q
SV67Q_RF_160_05 Declaration of authorization.doc January 24, 2024 Declaration of Authorization We ... for Certification of the following product s : Product description: Smartphone Type designation: SV67332 Trademark: Schok Validity/ expiry date on our behalf. Date: City: Name: Function: Signa...
lang:en score:36 filesize: 254.36 K page_count: 2 document date: 2024-01-24
[pdf] Label
管博力 ID Label Location Info SCHOK LLC SV67Q Smartphone 2AM9L 2AM9LSV67Q sv67q
SV67332 E-label Settings- aboutphone- Regulatormaion ...
lang:en score:31 filesize: 114.3 K page_count: 1 document date: 2024-01-25

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