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Certifications & Resources

Device Name Model Certification Type Certification Date
Wireless Controller SHAKS S5i MFi 2022-11-22

Documents - shaks – shaks s5i,shaks-s5i,SHAKS S5i
[pdf] User Manual Specifications
SHAKS S5i en1 4 Web Users Manual AKSys Co Ltd S5I WIRELESS CONTROLLER 2AQKJ 2AQKJS5I s5i
SHAKS S5i User manual http://shaksgame.com shaks aksys.co.kr 070-7542-6699 Before use Charge gamepad fully before using when first use. Check out this manual v1.3 carefully. Product package SHAKS SHAKS S5i User manual USB cable for charging wired connection Controller buttons Function Sel...
lang:en score:110 filesize: 1.7 M page_count: 3 document date: 2020-10-26
[pdf] Guide Application Guide
SHAKS S5b Wireless Gamepad Controller for Android Windows iOS and Supporting X Cloud Stadia Geforce Portable Mobile Game Powered by Qualcomm Application Guide AKSys Co Ltd B187TJ5 qtS m media amazon images I |||
How to play: Genshin Impact Mobile with Shaks S5b Notice Quick Quide for iOS Deep-dive Gudie for iOS ... Android Bluetooth Setting How to play: Genshin Impact Mobile with Shaks S5b 3 SHAKS S5b in iOS SHAKS S5i in iOS 5. Run Genshin Impact. You must set it every time you turn on the game. How to pla...
lang:en score:67 filesize: 3.18 M page_count: 19 document date: 2021-11-25

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