- Level 1 - NP: Non-Prescribed

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Device Name Model Certification Type Certification Date
Xi 36W/m 0.7-0.85A 42V DS S TD 230V Xi 36W/m 0.7-0.85A 42V DS S TD 230V ERAC 2023-01-20
ERAC Certification Details
DescriptionLED driver - built in
InputsPin: 36/39/41/43W; Uin: 220-240V~; Iin: 0,16/0,17/0,18/0,18A; fn: 50/60Hz; PF: 0,96; Prated: 30/32/34/36W; output voltage: 30-42Vdc, Uout: 60Vdc; Irated: 0,7/0,75/0,8/0,85A; ta: -20 +50degreeC; tc: +80degreeC; Built-in; SELV
Equipment ClassLevel 1 - NP: Non-Prescribed
Expiry Date2028-01-20
Certification ConditionsNil

Documents - signify netherlands,philips – xi 36w m 0 7 0 85a 42v ds s td 230v,xi-36w-m-0-7-0-85a-42v-ds-s-td-230v,Xi 36W/m 0.7-0.85A 42V DS S TD 230V,GMA-514555
[pdf] Specifications Datasheet
Datasheet Xi 36W m 0 7 85A 42V DS S TD 230V 飞利浦LED照明灯具产品使用说明资料下载 飞利浦专业照明 929003425180 docs lighting philips en gb oem indoor point xitanium programmable |||
Xitanium LED driver Datasheet Xitanium Mini Dali DS Xi 36W/m 0.7-0.85A 42V DS S TD 230V 9290 034 25180 Enabling future-proof LED technology Philips Xitanium LED Point drivers are designed to operate with LED COB solutions used both in built-in and independent applications such as down light, spot ...
lang:en score:43 filesize: 2.46 M page_count: 8 document date: 2023-03-01

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