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Electronics Device Database


Device Name Model Type Certification Date
Toaster ZIP1002 ERAC 2024-06-05
Toaster ZIP1003 ERAC 2024-06-05
Toaster ZIP1005 ERAC 2024-06-05
Toaster ZIP1006 ERAC 2024-06-05
Toaster ZIP1008 ERAC 2024-06-05
Toaster ZIP1009 ERAC 2024-06-05
Toaster ZIP1013 ERAC 2024-06-05
Toaster ZIP1014 ERAC 2024-06-05
Toaster ZIP1015 ERAC 2024-06-05
Toaster ZIP1016 ERAC 2024-06-05
Toaster ZIP1017 ERAC 2024-06-05
Toaster ZIP1018 ERAC 2024-06-05
Electric Kettle (Cordless Kettle) ZIP1000 ERAC 2024-05-15
Electric Kettle (Cordless Kettle) ZIP1001 ERAC 2024-05-15
Electric Kettle (Cordless Kettle) ZIP1004 ERAC 2024-05-15
Electric Kettle (Cordless Kettle) ZIP1007 ERAC 2024-05-15
Electric Kettle (Cordless Kettle) ZIP1010 ERAC 2024-05-15
Electric Kettle (Cordless Kettle) ZIP1011 ERAC 2024-05-15
Electric Kettle (Cordless Kettle) ZIP1012 ERAC 2024-05-15
Searing Slow Cooker ZIP957 ERAC 2024-05-03
Air fryer ZIP489 ERAC 2024-04-30
Kettle ZIP416 ERAC 2022-04-14
Kettle ZIP417 ERAC 2022-04-14
Kettle ZIP429 ERAC 2022-04-14
Rice Cooker ZIP447 ERAC 2022-03-23
Bread Toaster ZIP430 ERAC 2021-09-24
Bread Toaster ZIP441 ERAC 2021-09-24
Bread Toaster ZIP442 ERAC 2021-09-24
Bread Toaster ZIP460 ERAC 2021-09-24
Bread Toaster ZIP461 ERAC 2021-09-24
Bread Toaster ZIP462 ERAC 2021-09-24
Bread Toaster ZIP471 ERAC 2021-09-24
Bread Toaster ZIP472 ERAC 2021-09-24
Bread Toaster ZIP481 ERAC 2021-09-24
2-slice and 4-slice Sandwich Press ZIP487 ERAC 2021-08-30
2-slice and 4-slice Sandwich Press ZIP488 ERAC 2021-08-30
1.7L Cordles Kettle SS ZIP483 ERAC 2020-05-27
3in1 Stick Blender Set ZIP482 ERAC 2020-02-27
Air Fryer ZIP484 ERAC 2020-02-27
Ice Cream Maker ZIP422 ERAC 2019-10-10
SLOW COOKER ZIP952 ERAC 2019-04-29
SLOW COOKER ZIP953 ERAC 2019-04-29
SLOW COOKER ZIP954 ERAC 2019-04-29
SLOW COOKER ZIP955 ERAC 2019-04-29
Food Processor ZIP476 ERAC 2018-04-27
Hand Mixer ZIP474 ERAC 2018-04-23
Stick Mixer ZIP473 ERAC 2018-04-20
Table Blender ZIP475 ERAC 2018-04-04
26cm Electric Skillet ZIP841 ERAC 2018-02-05
Power Force Vacuum Cleaner ZIP467 ERAC 2018-01-19
Power Force Vacuum Cleaner ZIP468 ERAC 2018-01-19
Power Force Vacuum Cleaner ZIP469 ERAC 2018-01-19
Planetary Mixer ZIP456 ERAC 2018-01-16
Planetary Mixer ZIP463 ERAC 2018-01-16
Waffle Maker ZIP127 ERAC 2017-08-03
Banquet Frying Pan ZIP838 ERAC 2017-07-17
Blender White 500W ZIP231 ERAC 2017-06-14
Kettle ZIP 153 ERAC 2017-03-29
Pie Maker ZIP581 ERAC 2017-03-14
Pie Maker ZIP582 ERAC 2017-03-14
Rice Cooker ZIP835 ERAC 2017-03-14
Zip Food Processor 1000W ZIP120 ERAC 2017-02-15
Kettle ZIP369 ERAC 2017-01-25
Slow Cooker ZIP223 ERAC 2016-12-21
Slow Cooker ZIP312 ERAC 2016-12-21
Slow Cooker ZIP935 ERAC 2016-12-21
Slow Cooker ZIP936 ERAC 2016-12-21
Rice Cooker ZIP837 ERAC 2016-12-15
Blanket ZIP900 ERAC 2016-12-15
Blanket ZIP903 ERAC 2016-12-15
Blanket ZIP904 ERAC 2016-12-15
Blanket ZIP905 ERAC 2016-12-15
Blanket ZIP906 ERAC 2016-12-15
Blanket ZIP907 ERAC 2016-12-15
Blanket ZIP908 ERAC 2016-12-15
Blanket ZIP910 ERAC 2016-12-15
Blanket ZIP911 ERAC 2016-12-15
Deep Fryer ZIP829 ERAC 2016-11-28
Kettle ZIP398 ERAC 2016-08-29
Kettle ZIP399 ERAC 2016-08-29
Kettle ZIP400 ERAC 2016-08-29
Kettle ZIP451 ERAC 2016-08-29
Kettle ZIP452 ERAC 2016-08-29
Kettle ZIP457 ERAC 2016-08-29
Kettle ZIP458 ERAC 2016-08-29
Kettle ZIP459 ERAC 2016-08-29
Kettle ZIP470 ERAC 2016-08-29
Kettle ZIP480 ERAC 2016-08-29
Blender ZIP184 ERAC 2016-08-23
Blender ZIP185 ERAC 2016-08-23
Blender ZIP186 ERAC 2016-08-23
Blender ZIP187 ERAC 2016-08-23
Electric Frying Pans ZIP833 ERAC 2016-08-23
Electric Frying Pans ZIP834 ERAC 2016-08-23
Sandwich Press ZIP419 ERAC 2016-07-25
Sandwich Press ZIP466 ERAC 2016-07-25

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