- Level 1 - NP: Non-Prescribed

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Device Name Model Certification Type Certification Date
RCO2300 RCO2300 ERAC 2024-02-08
ERAC Certification Details
DescriptionCutoff Saw
Inputs220 - 240 Vac; 50 Hz; 2300 W; 10A; n0: 4280 /min; 355 mm; Class II
Equipment ClassLevel 1 - NP: Non-Prescribed
Expiry Date2029-02-08
Certification ConditionsNil

Documents - techtronic industries australia pty,ryobi – rco2300,RCO2300,GMA-517986
[pdf] User Manual Instructions Specifications
RCO2300 UM ANZ v1 print tpghwcha Cut off Machine Rackcdn It is essential that you read the instructions in this manual before assembling who have instruction and understand e g 11 2021 a23f6569 53da 40ca 93d6 dc2802265d0c 2ecffd01e1ab3e9383f0 07db7b9624bbdf022e3b5395236d5cf8 ssl cf4 rackcdn Product risks hazards 7KH SURGXFW LV LQWHQGHG WR EH ¿ HG DW WKH EDVH D VROLG EHQFK WRS I QRW VHFXUHO ZKROH machine may move during cutting operations which increases possibility of serious personal injury
RCO2300 ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS Cut-off Machine Important It is essential that you read the instructions in this manual before assembling, operating, and maintaining the product. 6XEMHFWWRWHFKQLFDOPRGLFDWLRQV Safety Safety, performance, and dependability have been given top priority in the desi...
lang:en score:59 filesize: 7.52 M page_count: 28 document date: 2019-07-19

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