Wireless Power Device Certifications

The latest wireless devices certified to work with the IEEE 802.11 standards.

Wireless Power Certification

Device Name Model Company Certification Date
Radley LED Adesso Charge Desk LampHW-T5043B2ADESSO-Radley2022-09-2
Additional Details
Descriptor Details
Device NameRadley LED Adesso Charge Desk Lamp
Device TypeTx
Registration Date2022-09-29
Creation Date0000-00-00
Device DescriptionPower Class 0 Transmitter
Device Version1.2.4
Licensed LabelYes
Licensed Status100
Power ProfileBasic Power Profile
Power Profile ID2
Transmitter DesignA11a
Evaluation ModuleNo
Automotive ChargerNo
Integratable SubsystemNo
Automotive ComplianceNo
Potential Power Level5

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